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thinking about getting my hair cut even shorter

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Topic: thinking about getting my hair cut even shorter
Posted By: Rose.S
Subject: thinking about getting my hair cut even shorter
Date Posted: January 29 2009 at 6:24pm

Hi all...I'm new to this forum. Last year I had long hair and my stylist cut it to a Reese Witherspoon off the shoulder style cut. Which I loved but when it grew became a really shaggy, boring look. I asked my bf if he could cut it for me and he cut my hair to just below my chin. Anyway, just recently I've asked him to cut it shorter (he does a really good straight cut surprisingly!) he reluctantly cut it to about 1-1.5cm above my chin. I must be crazy because I've been contemplating about having my hair cut shorter and shorter. Does anyone else here like the sound of scissors snipping away?... I don't miss my long hair at all. I've been curious about the shorter styles but have read that heart shaped faces should stay away from short styles. Does anyone here have any advice as to what short styles would go well with heart shaped faces? I don't mind styles that are really short either...I haven't been there before but have been thinking about it more and more lately...

Posted By: loveshorthair
Date Posted: January 29 2009 at 6:47pm
I know there are rules about face shape and hairstyles....but I always go with the best rule.  If it looks good..then it is the right style.
Does your BF just do a straight cut? or has he done any layering...

Posted By: Rose.S
Date Posted: January 29 2009 at 9:11pm

He just does a straight cut...meaning blunt cuts...I swing between long and above the shoulders, layered to growing all the layers out and having it all one length. I have a stylist but I didn't go to her this time because she likes cutting longer styles and won't go any shorter than chin length on me. Just wondered if anyone had pics or knew someone with a heart shaped face that went to a short style and it looked good.

Currently my hair is a blunt bob, the length is above my chin. Also a fringe/bangs just above my eyes, with the hair on a side part.

Posted By: lovebobs
Date Posted: January 30 2009 at 8:03am
could you post a picture of you with your style?

Long with BLUNT bangs or ALL cut to lip length, I cant decide my favorite!

Posted By: Rose.S
Date Posted: February 01 2009 at 10:12pm

Sorry, I would rather not post any pics of myself on the internet. My cut is pretty much like the image on this website: -

Except I have wispy bangs just past the brows and above the eyes. Lovebobs...I've read quite a few of your posts and pictures of Kim. I love bobs too. But was curious about what the next short style up would be from a chin length bob. Am not interested in shaving my hair or anything like that extreme like that.

Posted By: bnbivi00
Date Posted: February 02 2009 at 12:28pm
A "bob" and "pixie" are both terms that are used very loosly these days.  You can have a bob that is shorter than your hair is now.  And you can have a pixie that is longer than your hair is now.  All of that to say, it is hard to say what the next progression is from what you have now.
If I were you, I would look at what Victoria Beckham has had over the past year.  She has had a very short "Pob" or A-line Bob which she grew out longer than what you have now but then recently went to a very short pixie.  I think that would be the next progression for you.  Either an A-line Bob (shorter in the back, longer in the front) or a shorter pixie.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Posted By: Snipette
Date Posted: February 08 2009 at 11:28am
Rose, There are a couple of things to consider.
1, As you go for shorter styles they generally become more layered. Is you boyfriend happy to attempt this ?
2, The other things is if your BF does make a mistake, is not to argue or lay blame (as you asked him as an untrained stylist to cut your hair) and just go to a salon  to correct it.
Apart from that you can either just keep going shorter bit by bit. This is great because you get to stop if it is a little too short for you and then it will not take long to grow back to a length you are more comfortable with. Also if you cut it little by little but often then you get to hear the amazing sound of the scissors cutting your hair. I must amdit i love the sound too.
The other option is just go a short style that you really like and just hope it suits you, I;m sure you have a good idea of what will and what won't.  If you go for and inverted bob then you may even have the pleasure of clippers buzzing your nape. It brings a smile to most peoples faces who experience it.
Well all the best and let us know how you get on.
Cheers S

Posted By: Rose.S
Date Posted: February 17 2009 at 6:06am
Hi bnbivi00
Yeh I really like Victoria's hairstyles...she looked fabulous with the pob and a line bob... her face shape suits a lot of hairstyles.

At the moment I can't do anything because I have some weddings to attend (so will need some length to pin up into something). And right now it swings really nicely in the blunt cut. Once the wedding functions are over with...I think I will try the shorter bob/pob kinda thing with the shorter back and longer slanted front. At the hairdressers of course Smile Wouldn't want to have to get a pixie cut to fix up mistakes.

Great, now I'm excited and can't wait until a few months later to try the shorter styles than now. Meanwhile, will be growing out the bob and it will probably be just at shoulder length before I go to the hairdressers again.

Posted By: Rose.S
Date Posted: February 17 2009 at 6:25am
Hi Snipette,

I've just replied to bnbiv00's post mentioning that all that my boyfriend can do is the blunt cut Smile Wouldn't want to test his abilities for anything else so it will be a trip to the salon for any future shorter or layered cuts. I plan to have my hair cut at this chin length (or slightly shorter) for the rest of this year before growing it out again.
Have had long hair down to my lower back for about 3 yrs now and have just remembered how good it is to have it shorter. I can't believe I can go for that long with just having 1cm cut off all the time. Although the worse thing about it is that I don't know how to style a bob into something more interesting to attend weddings, parties and functions.
When my hair was at at a chin length bob... I had a lot of compliments. I tried a shorter length (which is between chin and mouth) and it was only a few cms shorter but it appears that it gets mixed reviews.
So long story short... after these few months of growing it out a bit for the upcoming events...I w
ill make an appointment and try a style with the back cut shorter than the front. Are you a hairdresser? I really like the sound of hair being cut too. The little snips and then looking at the results. 
Clippers...hmm if only I was that adventurous Cry It sounds really enjoyable the way some people write about it. And I really like touching guys hair that has been clippered too. It has that prickly yet soft touch to it.  Only problem is...if I managed to one day get mine clippered at the back, then I probably would be tempted to run my hand over the back of my head all day Smile

Posted By: Rose.S
Date Posted: February 17 2009 at 6:25am
Oh...and btw...will let you know how it goes in the next few months... thanks!

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