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Stana Katic--short for "Castle"?

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Topic: Stana Katic--short for "Castle"?
Posted By: Durango
Subject: Stana Katic--short for "Castle"?
Date Posted: March 20 2009 at 2:34pm
Ms. Katic, who stars in ABC's "Castle",  has a short, layered cut  in the show's first episodes.  It's a little too long and full to be called a pixie, but it's definitely short and very flattering. 

From pix on Getty, it looks as though she went short in Oct. 2008; before that, her hair was much longer, about mid-back.  Long hair was very pretty, but she wore it in the ubiquitous center-parted winged style to which virtually every long-haired celebrity has fallen victim at one time or another.  That style is right up there with the alien plant life throat grabbing style -- - -- which, as Curlyfan put it, at one time or another took over the head of every female news personality on the planet. 

I'm speculating that she cut her hair for the role--timing is about right.  Longer hair would not fit with her no-nonsense character on the show.  (I stress that I have absolutely nothing to confirm this.) 

Check the show's website for better pix--it's a little shorter than the last pix on Getty.

Since getting it cut, she also has worn it in a very curly style.  I think she would probably look great in long hair in another style, but the current shorter 'do on "Castle" is the best IMO.


Posted By: Kathryn
Date Posted: June 24 2010 at 3:34pm

not short anymore

Posted By: natasha
Date Posted: June 24 2010 at 3:54pm
Not good. Her short cut on Castle was a lot better.

Posted By: HAWG
Date Posted: June 24 2010 at 8:56pm
I like it!


Posted By: shortvslong
Date Posted: June 25 2010 at 5:50am

She looks nice in the first pic

Posted By: loveshorthair
Date Posted: June 25 2010 at 9:52am
I liked her shorter do... I know she has been growing it out on the show but could the latest pics be extensions.  Hard to know with the timing of shows.

Posted By: Inika
Date Posted: July 14 2010 at 10:35pm
I didn't recognize her with the long hair.  It looks good. Most people are probably used to her having short hair, she seems to make it work.

Wish You The Best In Natural Hair,

Posted By: fatmoogas
Date Posted: July 17 2010 at 7:46pm
She has the kind of face that might look a bit hard with hair that's very short.

Posted By: megan21
Date Posted: July 28 2010 at 5:31pm
Short suits her more.Just my opinion though:)

------------- - Cheap make up

Posted By: Durango
Date Posted: March 01 2011 at 4:50pm
Still on the grow and now down past mid-back.   Lately she's been wearing it parted in the center with full, loose curls.  
Check her out on Getty -- style, color and condition all look fabulous at the 2010 American Music Awards.   Yeah, I know, it's a center part, but she is making it work! 
The dress and legs aren't bad either!


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