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Badly need advice :(

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Topic: Badly need advice :(
Posted By: Myulish
Subject: Badly need advice :(
Date Posted: December 20 2009 at 12:33am
I've tried several different hair products (Tresseme, Neutragena Triple Moisture, Aussie, Charles Worthingtons, Great Clips, Head&Shoulders when I had dandruff, and quite a few in the past that I can't really remember)
I've tried different kinds of brushes and combs, and some smoothing/moisturizing leave in conditioners...

I've done google searches for hair advice, and now I turn to this forum. XD;

I have very very ultra fine hair that I can't seem to bulk up, and it knots extremely easily. I'm talking just shifting it over my shoulder and there's a rat's nest. I've asked at salons I go to whenever I get my split ends trimmed (which I do regularly), but they've never really given me proper answers. My hair is also extremely dry and frazzled even though I shampoo only once in the shower and ALWAYS condition, and I'm always sure to use moisturizing products.
Admittedly, I do use a flat iron, but I use it sparingly and not every day. I also use a protective serum before use, and put in some hair softening leave-in conditioner when I'm done.
I don't excessively use hair-sprays.

I brush my hair often; I brush now and then throughout the day, before I take a shower and after, and before I go to bed.

Any recommendations for hair care for extremely sensitive and dry hair, or any product ideas that I haven't listed above? Maybe there's some magic combination that I haven't tried.
(And yes, I know the winter air drys out your hair, but it's like this all throughout the year. D: )

Posted By: HABEEB
Date Posted: May 14 2010 at 6:22am
have you ever thought of having clip in extensions to give your hair some volume? I love my clip in they make my hair look gorgeous! x

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