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How can I get my husbant to let me curl his hair?

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Topic: How can I get my husbant to let me curl his hair?
Posted By: Tami-1
Subject: How can I get my husbant to let me curl his hair?
Date Posted: December 29 2009 at 4:08pm
I have seen a few posting that were about a boyfriend and son having their hair curled.
I was wondering how you went about getting them to let you do it and did they enjoy it?
My husband had beautiful hair that is layered and about shoulder length and I would love to see it curled but don't know how to talk him into it.
I do love playing with it but have not done anything other then running my fingers through it and combing it different ways.
Any ideas I think it would look great.


Posted By: Snipette
Date Posted: January 23 2010 at 12:17pm
Just tell him straight. Say you like the guys curly hair in the new lynx advert and would love to see his hair like that to see if he also looks sexy like it. If he agrees just make sure it washes out if he doesn't like it.

Posted By: crist
Date Posted: February 22 2010 at 1:21pm
who said you should ask him?


Posted By: Stacey_M1996
Date Posted: April 15 2010 at 5:39pm
Hey Tami, I think it's great that you want to see your man in curls. I've been roller-setting my hubby's hair for a couple of years now -- here are my tips:
-- Find a stylist at your salon that he really likes, and get her to start talking to him about curls and other styles.
-- curl your own hair when he's around. Make love while you're in curlers, and next time ask him if you can put a few in his hair.
-- Offer to wash and dry his hair. Make it fun!
-- Start out gradually -- do a few curls with a curling iron, or just scrunch it  and dry with a diffuser. Work your way up to roller sets.
-- Show him curly hairstyle pics that you think he'll like.
-- Make it clear how sexy you'd find him in curls.
I think you'll find that once he's used to curls/rollers as part of his routine, he actually enjoys it. Good luck and please keep us posted!

Posted By: TMortis
Date Posted: April 20 2010 at 2:40pm
I agree with Stacey.  In my case, it was a game just 'for fun'. She set her hair one Saturday night, right in front of me, and kept chatting.  As she was done, she said, I have a few more rollers- lets have some fun...and the rest is history.  The next thing you knew we had Saturday Nightwine and roller sets.  The perm in the salon was next. 


Posted By: Tami-1
Date Posted: May 13 2010 at 8:48am
Thanks all
I did work on him and get my wish.
Once I got him done ang gave him his reward and made it fun it was al over I can do his hair whenever I want now. The best part is we both like how it turns out and the fun waiting for it to dry. I make sure that when I set him I am or will be in rollers too.
This is kind of a special thing we now enjoy doing when we are alone.
It is a new way to bond and add to your relationship with that special someone.
I am going to work on getting him to the salon but for now it is fun just how it is.


Posted By: maggied
Date Posted: August 30 2010 at 2:39pm
I don't know exactly how old I was but I do remember mom curling my sisters and my hair back when I was young and dressing us in matching dresses for holidays at our grandparents.  I used to love all the attention and affection we would get from our grandmother and aunts and the special way it would make us feel.  Naturally this stopped sometime before I entered kindergarten and I didn't think about it for years.

Then about the time I hit 15 I became fascinated with rock stars all of who wore their hair long and I started to grow mine out.  I must admit it was always oily and looked a bit ratty and mom was always threatening to wash and curl it for me if I didn't take better care of it.  Finally one night shortly after my 16th birthday I walked in and mom was having a girls night with my two sisters.

She told me that it was a girls only event and that I had either be prepared to have my hair curled and nails done or I had better leave.  No way was she going to get away with this so I pushed her button and said sure thinking she would back down.

To my surprise she didn't give and I didn't back down and 45 minutes later I had my hair set in curlers and she was pulling out a bottle of nail polish.  Oh well I thought, dad was out of town and there was no way mom or my sisters would rat on me so I just went along.  After we all had our hair set and nails done mom pulled out our baby pictures and we listened to records while mom reminised about how cute we looked in the old albums.

After that I was hooked, not so much about the nail polish but about getting my hair curled with my mom and sisters.   It was a real let down as my sisters moved away and I left for college but life goes on.

Now that I'm married it would be a dream come true to have my wife offer to curl my hair.  But I am afraid to ask, she is just someone who could never understand.  I have thought of asking one of my sisters to not so accidentally out my past to her but I am afraid how she would react.

If you ask me your husband is a lucky man.

Posted By: vivek
Date Posted: September 27 2010 at 2:39am
Dear maggied

I can understand what you are going through. I feel fortunate on this account. I am a 36 year old guy with hair length of around 32 inches. My wife always encourages me to sport long hair. In fact she dresses my hair most of the time.

Posted By: maggied
Date Posted: April 26 2011 at 4:23pm

My hair was thinning and my wife at the time thought that if I got it permed it would look fuller.  She talked me into letting her set it so I could get an indication of how it might look with a few curls in it before I committed to the perm.  After she had finished I was a bit hesitant and mildly protested that it made me look a bit feminine but she played it down saying it would look a lot different once it was cut and styled.  The next moring she made an appointment for me at her hair salon for the following saturday.

As the day grew near I got a bit scared and wanted her to cancel it but she stood her ground.  That saturday she had some shopping to do so decided she would drop me off at the salon on her way.  Whe we arrived my wife dropped me at the door and waited for me to enter before driving off.  Looking back somethimes I think she just wanted to make sure I would show for my appointment.
I was a bit early for my appointment and I must admit even though I had been in hair salons many times as a boy with my mother it was still a bit intimidating as I sat there with all those women waiting for my turn.  It was really a releif when my stylist finally arrived to take me back to her station and she did a great job of putting me at ease assuring me a lot of men had their hair permed and mine would look great.
Well my hair took to perm like fish to water and when she had finished and combed it out I had a head full of curls.  I must have looke petrified because she immediately began to assure me that by monday it should relax and it would look great.  And to be honest though it took a bit longer then two days for my hair to relax when it did it did look great.  In the short run my wife used hot rollers to help relax the curlls.  All of her female friends loved it and once I got over the stigma of what my guy friends would thing about me I loved the way the curlers looked.
Though we have gone our seperate ways we are still best friends and I am still grateful to my ex-wife for that first time she got me in curlers and for her perservience in getting me to get my permed that first time.  Today I wear it longer and continue to get perms without worrying what others might think.  You may not want your husband to go to the extremes I did or get his hair permed but I think I would have rather had mine curled and hated it then I would have to refused and always wondered how I would have looked.  Male or female having your hair curled doesn't change who you are on the inside.
Tell your husband that if he hates it he can wash it out.   My wife tells me she knew I must have liked the way I looked when she first curled my hair because I didn't wash it out until I had too.
Hope this helps.

Posted By: maggied
Date Posted: April 26 2011 at 4:26pm
YOu have beautiful hair, you too are lucky.

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