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Break the base

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Topic: Break the base
Posted By: longhair31
Subject: Break the base
Date Posted: February 18 2010 at 9:04pm
 My client wants my to break the base when coloring her hair . can some one explain this how do i break the base on a client with dark hair I will be foiling most of it blonde. i have never done this because I dont see how it will blend. Dose this make a foi job easier. i dont under stand why this is done??

Posted By: maha22
Date Posted: August 24 2010 at 11:05pm
Consider the following number: abcdefg Each letter stands for a different place. "g" is the ones place, "f' is the tens, "e" is the hundreds, and so on. This is true regardless of base. So when we look at 100 in base 10, we see that we have zero ones, zero tens, and one hundred. That of course gives us 100.

The trick is looking at the different places as exponents of the base. So the ones place is actually 10^0, the tens is 10^1, the hundreds is 10^2, etc. The same will be true when we write a number in base 2. The ones place will be 2^0, the tens 2^1, the hundreds 2^2, etc.
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