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Cold Fusion?

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Topic: Cold Fusion?
Posted By: sourgirl
Subject: Cold Fusion?
Date Posted: April 09 2010 at 9:34pm
Hey guys,
  I have had GL before with a disasturous removal that left me cutting off 5 inches of hair. Someone said the cold fusion is much better and much gentler on the hair. Any advice? Pros or cons.

Currant method Hair locs.

Posted By: ehairexperts
Date Posted: April 10 2010 at 10:58pm
Cold fusion using the micro links tends to lead to much less breakage or hair loss IF they are installed and removed properly. For this method, you need the fusion hook, fusion pliers, fusion tubes and the I-Tip fusion extensions. For faster installs, you can also try the - loop fusion extensions with the micro links, not the tubes that are melted onto your hair.
I recommend using medium or large tubes so that you can place more of your hair into the micro link as this will prevent the entire strand from being pulled out with your hair. If you are only placing ~10 strands of your own hair into your tubes, you stand a much higher chance of losing the entire bunch of strands than if you use a bit more of your hair.
Not only is this cold fusion a bit better on your hair but it can also be a more cost effective option. If you use the I-Tip extensions, they can be re-used. If they are properly removed, the I-Tip will still be able to be re-inserted into your micro links to re-attach the extension during your next install, given the hair is still in good condition.

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Posted By: LexiRose
Date Posted: April 21 2010 at 4:01pm
I love cold fusion, and it is a lot safer for your hair. I used to get fusion hair extensions put in (and I still do very rarely) but I like to use either micro links or copper tubes to install my hair extensions now. PLUS it is so easy, I do most of my own myself and have a friend help me with the back of my head. It typically takes us 3 hours to complete my whole head and the links are only $3.50 per 100 and I think the tubes are $6.00 per 100 tubes. I like both tubes and links, I think it is just preference. You won't lose ANY hair with this method, at least I never had. I buy from DO Hair Extensions because they seem to have the lowest priced links and tubes, plus that is where I buy my hair so it makes it easy. Here is their link if that helps, at least to take a look at what they are: -

~ Lexi ~

Posted By: MichaelaR
Date Posted: April 22 2010 at 6:17am
liquid gold cold glue is by far the safest option for semi permanant hair! i love this method. and if i ever wanna take them out theres remover which just desolevs the glue, i buy my wefts and glue from -  and ive never had any problems hears a direct link! -  its cheepy too!!!
Michaela x 


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