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How to determine face shape

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Topic: How to determine face shape
Posted By: ryryguy
Subject: How to determine face shape
Date Posted: June 15 2010 at 2:36pm
This article which was originally published in 2002 and updated annually (and copied by many other sites after it was first published by HB) and located at: -  said to measure your face, but it didn't say if you should do it flush against the skin or by measuring the margins of what you can see in the mirror staring back at you. If you do do it flush against the skin, how do you take an accurate measurement of your cheekbones and top to bottom with the nose in the way?

I assumed it meant based on what you can see in the mirror, since when I tried the other way my face didn't match any of the shapes. Maybe I'm just a freak.
Anyway, the article said oval was 1.5 longer than it was wide and then for long/rectangular it said longer than it was wide...uh, wouldn't those both be saying the same thing?

Then when I was looking at the pictures I saw one labeled "oblong". WOW! Way to catch me off guard; oblong was never discussed as a possible face shape. That little bit rocked my world.

Well if you consider yourself to be a face shape expert, here are my values based of what I can see in the mirror (tape not against my skin).
forehead: 5"
cheekbones: 5.5"
jaw: 5.25"
top to bottom: 7"

Posted By: abilash2012
Date Posted: September 02 2010 at 10:56pm
You have a heart shaped face. It's not oval because your cheek bones are too defined and your chin is too pointy...I DID NOT MEAN THAT AS AN INSULT!!!! I seriously have always wanted a heart shaped face but I have to deal with a dumb, old, oval face


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