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New Blowout Trick With Blow Dryer Comb Attachment

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Topic: New Blowout Trick With Blow Dryer Comb Attachment
Posted By: nikecnshoes
Subject: New Blowout Trick With Blow Dryer Comb Attachment
Date Posted: July 02 2010 at 9:14pm
A new technique which is making news is blow drying naturally curly hair without the typical round brush and blow dryer.

Instead there is a new technique making the naturally curly hair rounds.  Switch out a round brush for a wide tooth comb or a comb attachment to the blow dryer. 

How does it work?

1.  Shampoo/cleanse your hair.
2.  Apply rinse out conditioners as desired.
3.  Finish with a cool/cold water rinse.
4.  Towel blot.
5.  Apply desired naturally curly styling cooktails.
6.  Blow dry hair on a hot setting with a comb attachment or use one a hot brush style dryer.
7.  Instead of holding the dryer at handle, hold it right on the nozzle, constantly moving it through hair to straighten and comb it as it dries.
8.  Once hair is completely dry, loosely wrap two or three-inch sections around a closed jumbo curling iron.

Hold the iron around the section for a couple of seconds, and then let it go. Rake your fingers through your hair until the curl falls out and bouncy layers with a subtle flip are all that's left.

Have you tried this approach with your natural curls?  If you have, please post your results.

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