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Topic: Bones
Posted By: HoneySpice
Subject: Bones
Date Posted: August 08 2010 at 9:58pm
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- just as the 6th & final - season

started and let me tell you, YOU SO WON'T GUESS HOW JACK DIES!!!! I was so surprised to find out that Jacob was actually Aaron (Claire's baby)! The only disappointment really with the final - season was the sudden "fade to black" (a la Soprano's, thanks alot) ending that left all the major ending questions about the island unanswered. It was also a bit of a disappointment that the mysterious man in black turned out to be John Locke, but what can ya say, they had to do something to explain who he was I guess. Truly worth the price though for the complete - series , highly recommend!

_______________________________ - Lost DVD 1-6 - Weeds DVD 1-5 - Grey's Anatomy DVD 1-6 -  

Posted By: tomsmith
Date Posted: October 09 2010 at 1:57am
These sounds really scarystarwars


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