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10 kinds of health food from the beauty to feet

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Topic: 10 kinds of health food from the beauty to feet
Posted By: lolivivi
Subject: 10 kinds of health food from the beauty to feet
Date Posted: August 20 2010 at 3:26am
The woman health is very important, food is the best beauty products, and still can achieve hairdressing health benefit. As the saying goes: for what eat what. But you know to the brain, heart and lung, hair, need what kind of food nutrition? Now give you a body ", "tell your map of food from head to foot, let your secret diet ate beautiful, eat healthily.

Skin: 1, the blue flower

In 2007, the recommended healthy food, the top ranked fourth in the blue flowers. It is not only a rich nutrition, taste, or the famous "cancer prevention and control, especially in the warrior" gastric cancer, cancer of the breast, in effect is a plus. It contains rich vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene, can improve skin's ability to maintain against injury, the elasticity of the skin. The food nutrition? Now give you a body ", "tell your map of food from head to foot, let your secret diet ate beautiful, eat healthily.

2 and protect the brain: the spinach

Because have carotene and superoxide dismutase (sod) of the "reduction", can prevent cerebrovascular disease and protect the brain. What belong to "restore food"? Experts think, spinach. Research Second, peas, leeks, Onions, carrots, tomatoes, beans, small green vegetables, nuts, garlic, peanut, and cashew shell, pine nuts, almonds, food and brown rice, pork liver soup is worth you choose when brain.

3, eye: sweet potatoes

Vitamin A, known as "the small guards, lack of it, if human eyes feel weak light ability of darkness, will drop the environment will decline adaptive ability, serious when prone to nyctalopia. Vitamin A, is by carotene transformation. Besides, sweet potatoes and carrots contain rich carotene, can provide rich vitamin A, can improve eyesight, and often eat sweet potato to skin.

4, hair: kelp

The food of hair, you probably know a lot, for example, can make the hair black sesame seed, can make the hair grows ginger, can make the hair shining or is the walnut. But you know the all-around champion food is who hair? It is kelp, nutrition expert thinks, often eat kelp, not only can complement of iodic element, and the body of the growth of the hair, moist and bright also has special effect.

5, lung: tomatoes

Britain's new study found that eating tomatoes 3 times per week above can prevent respiratory disease, protect double lung from bacterial infections. But the content of lycopene with tomatoes in the content of soluble sugar is inversely proportional to, that is to say, the less sweet tomatoes, in lycopene, which is higher.

6 and leg guardsstill: banana

Contain rich potassium banana is ranked first in the food of "beautiful", it contains high rich potassium can help you extend the leg muscles and prevent leg cramps. The second leg of the "master", it is the celery has plenty of colloid sex calcium carbonate, easy be absorbed by human body, legs needed calcium, still can prevent lower-body dropsy.

7 and mindarmor: deep sea fish

German experts have published a group of such experiments: 50 grams daily fish, can reduce 40% to heart disease, especially in the deep sea fish to eat. The fish of the unsaturated fatty acid, are commonly known as "fat", they can bear natural anticoagulant therapy help, can lower blood pressure and inhibition of myocardial excitability, slow rate, thus protect the heart.

8 and kidney: black beans

Since ancient times was known as "black beans, and the valley of kidney" appearance, black beans from you will find its shape and human kidney is similar. They not only of flat, TCM believes that it is strong, invigorate kidney, detoxifying, moisturizing effect, especially suitable for kidney.

9 and protect stomach: cabbage

The world health organization recommends cabbage is one of the best vegetables, known as "natural" stomach dishes. With gastric and duodenal ulcers, doctors will recommend eating cabbage. You also can be mixed with honey cabbage every day, which is edible promote ulcer healing.

10 and armor: the egg

Healthy nails is pink, because there are plenty of blood supply. If the nail abnormalities, often is the change of potential symptoms or other nutrients. While maintaining a healthy nails high-protein diet is necessary, the egg is obtained a good source of protein.

Posted By: jennyhomes
Date Posted: September 03 2011 at 2:11pm
There are some excellent information have been posting on this forum about the health  food from beauty to feet. The list of fruits and vegetables are very nice with its benifits.


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