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Nail Beauty Tips for Girls

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Printed Date: September 27 2021 at 4:44pm

Topic: Nail Beauty Tips for Girls
Posted By: emmaroberts
Subject: Nail Beauty Tips for Girls
Date Posted: January 05 2011 at 11:36pm
Nails are an integral part of our lives and most women tend to overlook nail care. Beautiful nails complete your look and complement your natural beauty.
  • Treat your nails with olive oil every alternative days.
  • Use a mixture of water and lemon juice to remove stains from your nails.
  • Do not cut the nail cuticles as you might get an infection.
  • Do not cover your nails with nail polish for long periods of time. You should leave your nails uncovered every two weeks.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables containing vitamin B and vitamin B5 to maintain healthy nails and skin.
  • Drink milk and eat bananas to make your nails strong as they are rich in Calcium.
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid, zinc etc. makes your nails strong.
  • When applying nail polish, begin with a base coat. This keeps your nails protected.
  • Do not scratch, pick, dig or pinch with your nails. Your nails are not hardware tools.
  • Use products that contain alcohol sparingly. Alcohols causes your nails to break.
  • Wear hand gloves when doing household chores and during gardening to avoid accidental chipping and breakage of nails.

Posted By: emmajohn
Date Posted: January 11 2011 at 1:03am
Realy like, good tips.


Posted By: martincrandall
Date Posted: April 30 2011 at 2:19am

Aloe vera is one thing that you can rely on for growing nails. In order to prevent you from biting your nails, a paste from this ingredient works effectively Drink fresh carrot juice as often as possible as it is rich in calcium and phosphorus and good for strengthening the nails.One can also use artificial nail tips to make nails look even more stylish and those artificial are trendy making it popular among women as of today.

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Posted By: jenniefrost
Date Posted: May 23 2011 at 6:17am
Beautiful nails complete your look and complement your natural beauty.
Keep your nails clean and washed all the time.
Alternately massage the nails with cotton dipped in freshly squeezed lemon juice.
Dipping nails in warm mustard oil for 10 minutes and gradually rubbing the surface to make the blood circulation can make them healthy and strong provided the massage is done on regular basis.


Posted By: monicawebb
Date Posted: November 24 2011 at 6:02pm
Really useful tips thank youuu!

Posted By: rosaclinic
Date Posted: October 29 2012 at 2:50am
nice tips. adding to it if u want to make your nails more shiny and attractive you can rub the used peel of lemon on your nails or you can wash ur nails in Luke warm water by adding lemon juice in it.

Posted By: Tamali
Date Posted: March 18 2013 at 1:16am
If you have the bad habit of biting your nails, stop that immediately. You'll never get beautiful nails if you continue biting them. They uneven your nail shape and never allows your nails to grow. - Natural Cosmetics

Posted By: whatisbeauty
Date Posted: April 20 2013 at 8:17am
Never use something like scissors for both for infected and non infected nails.

Posted By: shinninglikeme
Date Posted: June 18 2013 at 10:05am
Nice tips for the nails thanks.


Posted By: hair4brides
Date Posted: June 26 2013 at 5:49am
Really very nice tips. I also want to share some Nail care tips with you girls.

The DO'S

DO stay moisturized each day. It's excellent for your our wellness and a well moisturized body plays a role in healthy fingernail. Damaged claws may indicate the need for greater liquid intake.

DO apply varnish cleaner before implementing fingernail enhance. This eliminates any oil on the outer lining area of the fingernail and gives extra life to the fingernail enhance, so make sure you do this regardless of whether there is old enhance on your fingernail or not.

DO take natural nutritional products unless your doctor suggests otherwise due to other wellness concerns. Vitamins A, C, E, and B12 are especially important. Additionally, calcium, zinc oxide, iron, protein, and vitamin b folic acid will help prevent white marks showing on the claws and prevent claws from becoming weak. Research the foods you need to provide you with these essential natural vitamins and products.

DO use a high quality shield ideally once per weeks time, no more than twice per weeks time. Be sure not to fan too intensely and not for too long to prevent damaging the fingernail. Just a brief soothing fan before implementing fingernail enhance can help prevent the enhance from shedding due to a difficult or irregular area on the fingernail.

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Posted By: Davidwilliams
Date Posted: August 22 2013 at 12:16pm
These are really helpful tips. Those who like their nails can use and feel happy.

Posted By: Calanthia
Date Posted: November 27 2013 at 8:38pm
here are 10 tricks tkeep your manicure looking great for longer

Keeping short nails are safe then growing nails.

Be careful with your cuticles. Apply oil tthe cuticles. Use cotton tremove the nail polish. Clean the nails daily.

Tkeep your nails healthy eat calcium and magnesium rich foods.

You can alsprotect your nails by using artificial nails.

Dnot tremove and reapply nail polish more than once or twice a week as these causes in drying your nails.


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