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Can I dye my hair after using HENNA?!!!

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Topic: Can I dye my hair after using HENNA?!!!
Posted By: sld8806
Subject: Can I dye my hair after using HENNA?!!!
Date Posted: January 19 2011 at 4:59am
Hi guys,
I really need some professional hair advice!

A year and a half ago I dyed my hair permanent jet black. And then I got tired of it so a friend suggested trying henna to get a reddish color.
So about 5 months ago I used a powder henna labeled "natural burgundy henna" I kept it on for no more than an hour and it barely lightened my hair color. It made my hair really dry and brittle too. After reading posts online, I think I must have used a compound henna! :(

My hair has been getting a little lighter with redder tones in the tips. I want to dye it black now but I'm afraid the hair dye will have a bad reaction with the compound henna I had used.

Since I only left it on for an hour, do you think the metallic salts faded in the past 5months? Would it be safe to dye over it? Is there anything to remove the metallic salts from my hair now without damaging too much?

HELP!!! Thanks in advance =)

Posted By: DanaCO
Date Posted: January 24 2011 at 2:22am
I would proceed *VERY* cautiously. I do not personally have much experience with Henna, the reason being I have always read of very inconsistent results, damage, and not being able to use other dyes with it. I would really research your question also on a Henna specific board.

I have never heard of Henna lightening (especially with tinted hair), so that was probably your problem. I could be wrong on that though since I don't work with Henna. If you have a difficult time finding an answer with someone more Henna experienced, the one thing I might consider would be Clairol Metalex. Last time I checked it was available at some Sally's or by order. It has been around forever and I have heard it has been used for removing metallic salts (not to mention it conditions the hair). Check into that. I would definitely research trying something similar to that before adding another type of tint over the Henna. HTH.

Posted By: Blondie337
Date Posted: January 27 2011 at 3:35pm
It's not the best idea but it can be done!! I've been told that hair dye won't stick to the henna and if you have any red in it you can't get it out with hair dye!! You're hair won't fall out or get damaged though!! Maybe just do a test strain!!

Posted By: Kirbie
Date Posted: February 03 2011 at 3:07am
To prevent hair damage you should not dye or put henna too fast now. You should wait for a months to prevent drying of the hair.


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