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What type of fringe would suit me? Please

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Topic: What type of fringe would suit me? Please
Posted By: pinkstar13
Subject: What type of fringe would suit me? Please
Date Posted: July 08 2011 at 5:19pm
I'm desperate to get a new hairstyle because im getting so bored of my current style.
I was thinking about getting a fringe but i'm too sure about what type of fringe would suit me.
Heres a pic of me (i apologise it was late so the photo looks awful) >>>>>

Ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Im thinking maybe a blunt fringe which i had when i was younger but im not too sure it would suit me now?

Posted By: Karen Shelton
Date Posted: July 08 2011 at 8:00pm
I think you would look great with a side-swept fringe with just a little separation to give the strands a lightly tousled effect.  I personally think a blunt fringe would give you too much of a boxy look but a side-swept which is similar to a blunt fringe except brushed to the side from a very small separationg would be more flattering.  Of course at the end of the day you have to select the fringe best for you.  Also, side-swept fringes  seem to grow out a little easier than a straight blunt fringe.

That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger or drives you totally insane. :-)

Posted By: bluerabbit
Date Posted: July 16 2011 at 7:24am
Agree.  Full blunt would not be as flattering.  PinkStar have you gotten a fringe cut?  Do you have photos to share?

Posted By: pinkstar13
Date Posted: July 17 2011 at 2:33pm
Hi thanks for ur suggestions i havent had it cut yet still deciding hahaha :)

Posted By: taupaz
Date Posted: September 26 2011 at 2:32am
i 'third' sideswept bangs. and maybe some hightlights to accentuate it? hahah i think you should do it! if you really hate it ( which i doubt) you can always pin it back!

Posted By: ocean231
Date Posted: September 27 2011 at 5:28am
Hi Pinkstar13. Did you ever get bangs cut?  They are so popular right now.  It would be interesting to see what you decided upon.

Posted By: DoctoredLocks
Date Posted: September 28 2011 at 6:14pm
I LOVE bangs and I think they would be great on you. I prefer the straight across Barbie style, but if you are nervous, start with a longer swoop :)


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