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New to Sew ins

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Topic: New to Sew ins
Posted By: HairSooSoft
Subject: New to Sew ins
Date Posted: July 12 2011 at 12:32am
Well first of all, im new to this site. Just signed up about 10 minutes ago haha so What's Up?

I'm interested in getting a sew in but I'm clueless and I'm having doubts. I want a style that looks as natural as possible. I want to be able to put it in different styles such as Ponytails,buns etc.etc. I also have bangs cut like this << that's not me btw but my bangs are cut like that so I would want those to be out to maintain that look. So how would they have to braid my hair or how should I explain to them how I want it?

My doubts are my hair breaking off. My hair is already pretty long. I just got it to grow back after it breaking off a bunch [ it got really matted ; my hair gets matted kind of easily] . My concern is that my hair would get weak and matted. I heard horror stories about people getting bald spots and things. If that happened to me, I would DIE !

So what are some things that I should know when getting the sew in.

Also, if you've ever gotten a sew in, what are your results after taking it out? Hair growth or hair loss ?
Thanks so much [ :

Maiya xx

Posted By: bluerabbit
Date Posted: July 16 2011 at 7:31am

Welcome.  This can be a very complex topic.  If you want the simple answer the key to a great sew in experience is finding someone who is very skilled at doing it so they can create a weave custom designed for your own hair taking into consideration the fact that your natural hair gets matted easily.  It is true that you need to be diligent in daily detangling to prevent your natural hair from getting matted with any weave.

Besides a great sew in expert who had done lots and lots of weaves for lots of people, the next important thing is making sure that you get the highest quality of hair that you can get. 

Can bald spots happen?  Yes, they have, but this is more rare and usually due to the weave being too tight or being worn for way too long or installed improperly.

Sew ins are not for everyone.  That is for sure but many people love them.  You are wise to do your research before you move forward.

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