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How to get a light ash blonde on highlighted hair.

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Topic: How to get a light ash blonde on highlighted hair.
Posted By: Sara_84
Subject: How to get a light ash blonde on highlighted hair.
Date Posted: September 26 2011 at 6:48pm
I've recently got tired of my brown hair (it was red for a while and then I dyed it brown and have been doing so for the past two years) and decided I wanted lighter hair.
The ideal color that I want is a super light ash blonde which I know would be hard to achieve on my previously dyed hair and would take time so I went to a salon to get the old color stripped. they striped the color 3 times and was left with a rainbow effect on my hair of bright lemon yellow roots, orange mid-lenghts and pink ends which again I was totally expecting.
They went over that with a t-section of highlights and a dark blonde base all over the rest, the first week it looked okay but now it's started to look brassy, what kinda dye will I be able to use over it?
It's no wear near as light as I would like it to be but would it be safe to re-bleach as I have scattered highlight, will it break my hair off?
If not am I okay to put a permanent light blonde hair dye over it in an attempt to lighten it or wont it work even though my hair is a lot lighter than it was when it was brown.
The hairdresser want to do highlights every 6 weeks or so but I feel that would be far more damaging than straight up bleach all over as would would be overlapping strands all the time as opposed to just the roots.
What would you say is best, I really need some advise.
Thank you.

Posted By: DoctoredLocks
Date Posted: September 28 2011 at 6:18pm
Try a purple shampoo or a toner to get out the brassiness.


Posted By: stargazer027
Date Posted: October 26 2011 at 11:27pm
I just used a toner  in my hair to get out the brassiness/ yellow /gold tones using a light ash blonde 8.1 with a 10 vol developer it worked really well

Posted By: Evhrive
Date Posted: October 30 2011 at 10:56pm
My first question is: when you have your ideal hair, the light ash blonde, do you want it to be one shade?  Or do you want it to have a highlighted look with different shades?  If you just want one shade I suggest you not let your hairdresser do anymore highlights.  My hairdresser highlighted my hair and it took me a year of bleaching about every month to even it out to one tone of light ash blonde.

The best way to achieve a light ash blonde is to tone your hair with a blue or purple based toner.  My favorite ash blonde is Wella color charm "Frosty ash."  It is an absolutely beautiful light ash blonde (silvery almost) and I absolutely adore it.  If I were you, I would do another bleaching (make sure you wait a while from your last visit at the salon so you don't damage your hair too much and remember to CONDITION WELL).  You could bleach with 20 or 30 volume developer mixed with a purple or blue based powder bleach (30 volume if you want REALLY light blonde hair).  Once that is done, apply the frosty ash (you should only have to mix this with 10 volume).  I really think this will get you a gorgeous color.

Keep in mind ash blonde is a lot of maintenance.  I suggest you buy a purple shampoo and use it every day or every other day.  The best and cheapest one around is Clairol Shimmer Lights. you can buy it at Sally's or a local beauty supply.

Call me a cynic, but for blonde hair I suggest you do your own at home.  Getting blonde hair right is a long process that can take you months to figure out the way to get the color you want.  Only YOU can experiment this much to find what you like, and a lot of times hairdressers won't really listen to you or do what you like because they are scared of messing it up.

Posted By: Sara_84
Date Posted: November 26 2011 at 6:22pm
Little update: Since my original post I've had my hair highlighted twice (this is before I saw the reply above) and I'm starting to get frustrated with my stylist. I've told her I want my hair pretty light, were talking almost platinum but not quite and I don't feel she's listening to me very well as she keep saying "I'll run some nice natural tones trough so it looks like real hair" I don't want natural! I want bright, light blonde hair that super noticeable.
I think I'm gonna try and do it myself (because these so called professionals seem so scared when you mention bleach it's starting to piss me off) question is now that my hair as been highlighted 3 times what is the best way to get an all over blonde look? I'm looking at the colour of Christina Aguilera's hair in burlesque when it's short and in a bob.
Will I have to use bleach as as about 60% of my hair is now light or will I get away with a really light permanent dye?

Posted By: Savy Stylist
Date Posted: December 01 2011 at 7:01am
Please, please don't try to hilite your own hair!  Find yourself another hairstylist.  Get some referrals from people who's color you like.  I'm wondering if your stylist is trying to prevent you from frying your hair off.  Bleach can be damaging especially when you are stripping color and then trying to go very light.  Be careful Please!


Posted By: Sara_84
Date Posted: December 01 2011 at 12:13pm
I don't think it' cause of the condition of my hair because at the moment it's healthy and I have no split ends but my hair is very coarse and dry naturally.
The stylist as even said that my hair is healthy but wants to keep it a nice natural blonde, thats not what i'm asking for I want "in your face"bright blonde hair all over, I'm not a big fan of highlights as I hate the two tone effect but was told this would be the best way to get al over blonde.
I'm buying some proper professional toner later to see if I can get rid of the orange tinge a little bit.

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