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Most Pop Diet Programs Dets

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Topic: Most Pop Diet Programs Dets
Posted By: Bratty
Subject: Most Pop Diet Programs Dets
Date Posted: October 28 2011 at 4:25pm
Any type of diet tends to work best with the following behaviors:

1.  Following a diet that has some form of structure, but are flexible enough to accommodate everyone's lifestyle.
2.  Having a strong diet support system such as family, friends or those people that you can relate to and will help keep you focused and motivated.
3.  Changing your lifestyle permanently - not just temporarily for a diet.

The most popular diets currently in fashion (based on # of members) are:

1.  Atkins - Consists of 4 phases with first 2 weeks in 1st phase eating only 20 "net cabrs"  In 2nd phase u begin adding back carbs (not calories).  No specific calorie counts - all about lean mean, green veggie with gradual use of fruit, veggies.  No cost - available on Web or via books.  No counselors, no special food to buy.

2.  South Beach - No counselors, no special food to buy.  Carbs permitted just not refined or white grains (white potatoes, white rice, white bread, baked goods) Avoid saturated fats or fatty meats as well as trans fats.  Can eat olive oil, nuts, nut oils, salmon & fatty fish.  Eat smaller potions but don't count calories.

3.  Weight Watchers - Follow a specific # of points to consume each day.  Point system designed to shrink potions and calories.  $40/month for in person meetings with a $20 signup fee.  $17.95/month with $29.95 sign-up if you skip meetings and get counseling and planning online.  No special foods to buy but WW has their own line of foods anyone can buy at grocery stores.

4.  Jenny Craig - You meet with a counselor (either at Jenny Craig) or over the phone. You are required to buy pre-packaged meals from Jenny Craig and meetin with weight counselor weekly either in person or virtually.  Price vary based on diet plan but costs can cost as much as $500 per month.

5.  NutriSystem - You choose a diet plan based on your needs and order food from NutriSystem.  You con't meet formally with a counselor or a group, but there is an online formu where people post tips, ask and answer questions and offer support.  A basic food plan can cost up to $352 a month for one person.

6.  Medifast - Eat five meals a day that you purchase from Medifast and a sixth Lean & Green meal that you make yourself or order elsewhere.  It can be no more than 7 ounces of a lean meat and three servings of vegetables from the Medifast approved list. 

There are vegetarian plans available.  There are vegetarian plans available.  You can choose how you get support online either online for free, or pay a free to see a coach or a Medifast weight control center.  Basic plans can cost $10-$12 a day for the five meals - up to $360 a month for one person.

Do you follow any of these diet programs?  Do you have a favorite?  Why?  And have you kept any lost weight off for a long time - how?  Please share.

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