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Aromatherapy Tips

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Topic: Aromatherapy Tips
Posted By: pypeOccut
Subject: Aromatherapy Tips
Date Posted: December 05 2011 at 8:13am
Aromatherapy tips you should know:

1.  Perfume oils are not the same as essential oils.

Aroma therapy oils have therapeutic as well as aromatic benefits.  Perfume only has aroma benefits.

An essential oil can serve as a fragrance in your home and office, but it can provide new healing benefits such as relaxation and peace of mine.

2.  Avoid rubber dropper tops.

Rubber has some properties which can ruin the oil. Oils can turn rubber into a gummy substance and ruin the oil and the stopper.  Rubber is bad on all accounts.

3.  Do your homework.

Like everything else in life you have to take responsibility for doing your own research.  If you want to use aromatherapy but have no prior knowledge than take a course, read some books or research on the web.

4.  Understand the safety of each oil.

Not all oils are safe for all people.  Make sure you know whether oils can be inhaled, swallowed or taken externally.  Know if oils need to be diluted with carrier oils or whether they can be applied neat.  This is a very important piece of information to put together.

5.  Buy from a reputable dealer

Always know where you are buying your oils.  Do they stand behind them?  Do they have a valid return policy. 

This goes back to doing your research.

6.  Choose pure essential oils over synthetic essential oils. Aromatherapy experts prefer pure oils.

7.  Containers used to hold essential oils should be dark colored or navy blue. Clear bottles allow sunlight to enter the oils and they can spoil the extracts more quickly.

8. Make sure to keep extracts out of sunlight and in a dry, cool place. -


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