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Beware Of Just Fabulous

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Topic: Beware Of Just Fabulous
Posted By: emmanino
Subject: Beware Of Just Fabulous
Date Posted: December 27 2011 at 9:38pm

Just Fabulous is a major scam.

Hold onto your credit cards

My Experience:

1) I see all the hype in all the fashion magazines about the web site. I visit the website.  I carefully search for hidden catches. All seems normal.

2) I join site membership so I can start a boutique, like I've done other similar sites. I am offered first pair for $19.97. I look at a pair I like, looking at it from every angle. There's even a video offered.  I carefully read reviews.

3) I order it. I scroll through all the information and fill out all the forms. It all seems straightforward, like many other sites I've ordered from.

4) I excitedly await the arrival of my new shoes. They come. Immediate disappointment--the color is all off. I consider returning, but remember they were less than $25 and so maybe I can live with it.

5) The next month, I discover a charge by Just Fabulous for $39.95 on my credit card. I spend hours searching my emails, searching the JustFab site, and finally putting all the pieces together.

FACT: They sent me an email on 11/10 saying that I had until the fifth to skip that month's charge. What charge?  Huh?

FACT: In the FAQ and Terms and Conditions it says that once you order something you become a VIP. Then, as a VIP, you have the first five days of each month to log on the site and skip being charged. If you do not skip, you are charged on the 6th day.

FACT: The FAQ contains 1,750 words, and information about being charged is under How does JustFabulous work? How do I join?

FACT: The Terms and Conditions contains 3,309 words, and information about being charged is under Program as well as Monthly Option.
6) I went on the site and found a place where I can select to cancel. I submitted my selection and left the site. I was relieved it was over with!

7) The next month I was again charged $39.95. I again tried to cancel.

This time I read the pop-up window carefully. It had wording that seemed so lame I wanted to leave. It offers a number to call. I have no interest in calling a number, but then I notice I HAVE to call the number. The cancel process didn't work unless I actually call the phone number.

I can only cancel by calling the number.

8) The only way I can cancel is by calling from 7am to 7pm. I often get home from work around 7:30 or 8:00 pm.

I can't call at work and am not allowed to use my cell. I don't want to call at all.

I joined online but was not aware I could only cancel by calling a number.  Is that to make it difficult to cancel?  That is what I would think.

9) I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, not asking for my money back, but just asking that they close my account without me having to call.

10)  I called my Credit Card company to file a chargeback.  They said it might be hard because of the wording on the contract I signed.  Really?  Really?

Judge me how you will. But PLEASE think twice before ordering anything from Just Fabulous.   Learn from my own mistakes.

Read the fine print, but if you have no trouble understanding it, congratulations to you.

If you are fine with joining a site that penalizes you for ordering anything, gives you a short time to waive the penalty, and then makes it difficult for you to cancel your membership, then this is the site for you (provided you like cheap shoes to boot).

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