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Damaged, breaking, thinning hair

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Topic: Damaged, breaking, thinning hair
Posted By: carlins_leap
Subject: Damaged, breaking, thinning hair
Date Posted: November 01 2012 at 7:39pm
Hi everyone,
First post here - coming in search of some much needed advice on my damaged, breaking and thinning hair.
Naturally, I have unmanageable and frizzy auburn hair.
I have been dying it jet black for a number of years and with some relatively common hair treatments, my hair was in "ok" condition
12 months ago, I decided I wanted it a bright, pillar-box red colour - something I'll regret for a long time :(
Over a few days, I used a stripper & bleached my hair a number of times to get it light enough to apply the red. 
Then after a few weeks, I wasn't happy and went back to black again.
Now I'm experience a lot of problems.
Lots of breakage when washing/styling and my hair is much thinner than before.
I've used a few hair masks, but haven't had anything other than very short term results.
I'd be grateful for any advice anyone has on a routine to get some life back into my hair - I've seen some great reports on a produc called Joico k pak deep penetrating reconstructor and I've just ordered some.
Can anyone offer some advice on any product or routines that may help?
I really would appreciate any input.
Thanks in advance

Posted By: Ericachristina
Date Posted: November 02 2012 at 11:17pm

It is never good to dye your hair with harsh chemicals and bleaching your hair and dying it repeatedly will always be bad.


If your hair is considerably damaged dry and breaking then it may take a long time for you to get it healthy again. It isnít hard to damage hair but it can be a long road to recovery.


If your hair is brittle and lacks strength then you could try a protein treatment but make sure it isnít harsh. Protein can be great to help strengthen hair but it can also make your hair hard and stiff during treatment depending on the products you choose so make sure if you do try it you are very gentile and careful with your hair to prevent further breaking.


For dry hair the best thing to do is replenish with moisture. You can do this in many ways but I find a great way is by doing weekly deep conditioning treatments for a couple hours and then washing it out. You can also try some oil treatments. There are oils that can coat the scalp and hair and help strengthen and nourish your follicles, this may be a good way to start putting moisture back into your hair. You could also leave the treatments on overnight if your hair is really damaged,


Avoid using any more dye, shampoos with sulfates and parabens. Try using shampoos that are sufate free because they are less drying to your hair and they donít strip the natural oils. Wash your hair with cool water instead of hot water which tends to make hair dry. Also stay away from styling products that have alcohol in them such as hair spray which will only make your hair more dry and brittle.


Try wearing your hair in protective styles while you are trying to fix it such as buns or a braid, this way your hair wonít dry out in the environment or further break against friction from clothes and other things. Also put some type of serum or oil in before you style to help keep your hair from drying out and breaking. Use a good brush, one that doesnít snag and tear at the hair but keep brushing to a minimum and finger comb when you can.


Stay away from all heat styling while you are trying to make your hair stronger and healthier this will only cause more dryness and breakage.


Invest in a silk pillow case so that when you sleep your hair doesnít break from the friction against cotton or other pillow case material.


Trim your ends if they are split and damaged, if your ends are healthy you will retain growth.


If you take care of your hair and stay away from anything that could cause further damage then after a while your hair will start to improve.


Good luck



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