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Do A Beautiful Waterfall Braid

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Printed Date: September 22 2020 at 2:03pm

Topic: Do A Beautiful Waterfall Braid
Posted By: AngelaGrace
Subject: Do A Beautiful Waterfall Braid
Date Posted: November 27 2012 at 2:40am

The cascade braid recently exploded as the new "trend braid" of the season. The waterfall effect looks cool and complex, but it's easier to style than you think. Give this beautiful braid a try when Beautylish takes you through the how-to!

1. This style works best on straight or loose waves. Brush out all the knots with a wide tooth comb. Part your hair how you normally would, and begin your braid on the right side of your part. Grab the top section and divide into three strands.
Braid your strands regularly three times, beginning from the right strand. When you get to the left strand (the part closest to the middle of the scalp), add more hair to it like a French braid and fold that strand to the center.

2. This is where it gets tricky. After you've French braided your left strand (now center), drop the right strand and let it fall down. Pick up another small section of hair next to where your original strand fell—that's your new right strand. Braid it into your style as usual and repeat this process—French braid the left strand, drop the right strand, and pick up an adjacent new piece. Gradually cascade the style towards the middle of your head.

3. Once you've reached a comfortable point to stop your braid, secure it to your scalp with bobby pins. You don't have to pin up your hair perfectly in this section since you'll cover up the pins with a hair accessory later.

4. Add a cute bow or flower to hide your bobby pins and give this look some extra hair flair. Secure your barrette tightly to your scalp and braid for a firm hold.

5. Take the extra strand of hair on the opposite side of your face and pin it back into the flower barrette so it blends in with your cascade. Spritz with a light-hold hairspray, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful and romantic summer hair style!

Posted By: RebelPrincess
Date Posted: May 24 2018 at 10:18am
Hey, I tried to do this before but I'm too stupid to understand how to do it on myself and I ended up frustrated! Thanks for writing this tutorial, you are awesome! xoxo 

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.

Posted By: Drienswelf
Date Posted: September 08 2018 at 2:08am
I have read the post on this forum about Braid.


I am Sophia. I am 35 years old mother. I have two daughters. Both are my princess. One is about 10 years old and younger one is about 5 years old. I want some new Braid designs for my princess. All of you know that grooming Braids plays an important role in the personality of kids rather everyone who have hair on his/her head.

I am looking for the newly updated Braids styles for kids.
I am here to get some new Braids designs who are newly and updated that can increase beauty of child.

Please help for me to get the updated braid designs. :)

Posted By: Drienswelf
Date Posted: September 08 2018 at 3:36am
Hi there.
I have tried your given braid on myself. This looks pretty awesome. Thank you so much.

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