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Please help me find a new hairstyle.

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Topic: Please help me find a new hairstyle.
Posted By: MrBlueSky
Subject: Please help me find a new hairstyle.
Date Posted: February 23 2013 at 10:28am
Hey there, Lewis here. I'm a 17 year old guy and I'm absolutely sick of the way my hair looks. It doesn't seem to have a style anymore, and everything that I seem to have tried in the past hasn't helped with that very much. I find it incredibly difficult to get anything to suit the look of my face and the shape of my head, and as such I've had pretty much this same mess of a hair "style" since 2003. That was when I was at primary school. I have absolutely no idea what to do next, and it probably doesn't help that I can't stand the way I look anyway.

    So, I've looked on the web and found this forum, in the hope that within this post someone will suggest to me a good hairstyle to replace this current mess that I have now. As a quick note, I don't want to go any shorter with my hair. I've just had it cut the other day and I can't stand this length as it is. I also despise these pictures that I've uploaded, but please be nice. Please attach your own photos of what you would reccomed if you can, as that would give me a clearer mental image of what it might look like on myself.


Side (Both are very similar so there's not much point in uploading both)

Back (Sorry it's not a very good photo)

Thanks in advance.

Posted By: rajendran
Date Posted: March 25 2013 at 2:21pm
Don't go anywhere to get the new hair style. Actually I have gone through with one of the hair website. For styling your hair you need not to go some where, you can get different hair style from your home itself. It is simple by "Instyler rotating iron". Instyler rotating iron gives you a different styles with your hair. Style that may includes straightening, curling and softening. Found really useful on Instyler rotating iron.

Here is a link that might be useful. - Instyler

Posted By: loveshorthair
Date Posted: March 25 2013 at 4:40pm
Personally, I think going shorter would be the way to go, but since you do not want to go shorter - I would say you probably would have to go much longer to get it to look better - at least not so messy.

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