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Opinion Needed For Guy Hair

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Topic: Opinion Needed For Guy Hair
Posted By: WalkingGuy
Subject: Opinion Needed For Guy Hair
Date Posted: October 01 2013 at 8:22pm
I'm currently in College, and am questioning my hair style.

I want to have long hair.

This is what it looks like so far:

Does it look good, or bad, maybe just meh?

What would you suggest style wise; Do I need to cut or trim it?

Do you have any images that I could show to a hair stylist as an example of what I want to do based on your suggestions?

Thank you. Also, please be honest.

I can provide more pictures if needed, that picture is from a week or two ago.

Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: October 29 2013 at 12:35pm
I like long hair on fellas, and I think it looks great!

As for images to bring to your stylist, the best is for you to choose them. Just go to google image search and type in what you are looking for. The style you choose is really up to you. You can also ask your stylist for advice, they will usually have some pictures to show you too to help you choose.

Making metal barettes/concord clips hair safe, long hair style how to:

Posted By: Ricc
Date Posted: November 02 2013 at 12:54pm
That style looks great to me. It's layered, apparently  from a bit below the chin line. If you showed this pic to any good stylist they'd probably be able to approximate it. One thing to consider, though is that you can almost never end up with hair looking just like someone else in a photo. Everyone has different facial features, hair texture and other factors, so you probably wouldn't end up looking the same as the guy in the photo. We're all unique. At best, a photo is just a rough starting guideline.

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