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I have noticed my hair has begun to thin out..

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Topic: I have noticed my hair has begun to thin out..
Posted By: healthyhair3
Subject: I have noticed my hair has begun to thin out..
Date Posted: January 16 2014 at 9:04am
I was recently browsing the internet because I have noticed my hair has begun to thin out. I find more and more in the drain of the shower everyday, and my brush needs cleaned more often than ever before. I wanted to know if there is anything I can do about this in order to help improve the strength of my hair.

So I headed over to Wikipedia at and began to read all about hair from the online encyclopedia. I was intrigued with the fact that hair was once considered to be a sign of social status. I believe that even today hair has an impact on not only our own self image, but also the perception that others have of us.

I also noticed that my husband's hair was beginning to thin. I found a supplement on Amazon. I ordered a bottle because it seems to have all of the necessary vitamins and minerals which my research shows is necessary for improving the overall health of our hair.

I have also made some changes to our diet. I found that zinc and iron are necessary vitamins and minerals for improve hair health. So I have increased our weekly menu to include more red meat and beans. I also found that omega-3 acids were essential so we have included a different type of fish to at least 2 more meals a week.

I was wondering what some of you have done in order to improve your hair quality and strength? I really want to grow not only a thicker set of hair, but also an improved shine and strength, as well. Let's make this a thread that allows us to share methods and techniques we have all used to improve the health of our hair. What have you done that you feel has really worked well. Have any of you made any changes in your diet? What recipes do you have that you use to help with your hair health?

Posted By: spyvine
Date Posted: January 26 2014 at 3:37am
Try including more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially green smoothie. Honey will certainly add moisture to your hair. Many people have seen very good results when they added green smoothies to their diet.Minerals in the smoothie help with hair health.

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