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Man bun undercut hairstyle problem

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Topic: Man bun undercut hairstyle problem
Posted By: Darksoulmaster
Subject: Man bun undercut hairstyle problem
Date Posted: June 26 2015 at 3:47am
Here's the thing. I decided to get a bun undercut hairstyle so i started growing my hair. When I went to the hairdresser to have them cut at the sides he cut them higher than I expected and as they should be. So my question is should just wait them grow back even if they'll be shorter than the rest for some time or should I cut them all and start from the beginning?
Any reply will be appreciated Smile

Posted By: Ricc
Date Posted: July 04 2015 at 11:15pm
Originally posted by Darksoulmaster Darksoulmaster wrote:

Any reply will be appreciated Smile

Well, remember you asked for this... First of all, I can't even imagine a bun and undercut combination. It sounds atrocious. Unless you love going out spending money at the hair shop every week, high maintenance styles like undercuts are a bad idea. The hair styling industry deliberately creates trends like that to feed their business. I say forget it and let it all grow. If you want to wear a bun look of some sort, you can do all sorts of interesting things without cutting-- braiding or whatever.

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