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Human Hair Bundles 4 common problems and solutions

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Topic: Human Hair Bundles 4 common problems and solutions
Posted By: supernovahair
Subject: Human Hair Bundles 4 common problems and solutions
Date Posted: May 06 2019 at 10:11pm

For those of us who use hair bundles, many people may encounter the following problems. If you care for your - virgin hair bundles in the right way, it will take longer. Everyone has a different way to solve this problem, as follows is how I care for real hair.


Shedding is the most common problem, but it is also normal. Every human hair sometimes falls off naturally. Don't be surprised when you see it. The hair is very fragile and easy to break, so when you comb the hair, special When your hair is knotted or dry, do not pull the hair vigorously, it can be very effective in reducing hair loss, be sure to gently comb the hair, the hair will last longer.


When the hair is cut from the person's head, we can no longer use the seal to nourish the hair. As the nutrients flow, the hair becomes dry. When the hair is dry and dirty, the hair will be knotted, especially the curly hair. So when your hair is knotted, what you should do is to care for your hair instead of pulling him vigorously. Usually people are very annoyed and unconsciously want to pull when the hair is knotted. Please remember that the greater the force Pulling the hair, the more knotted and shed the hair

3.Color - Human Hair Bundles With Closure

Best hair bundles can be dyed and easily colored, and the dye can also damage the hair, reduce the number of hair dyes or find a professional hair stylist to help dye hair, reduce hair damage, dyed hair will be more fragile and dry, need more care .

The average life span of a person's hair worn every day is about six months to a year, and it can be kept longer if the hair is better treated.

4.How To Care For Your - Human Hair Weave Bundles?

When your hair is dry or dirty or knotted, you need to wash your hair. Do you know how to wash your hair? You should only use some conditioner to wash in warm water, leave the conditioner on your hair for about 10 minutes, gently wash it off, do not pull the hair vigorously. If the hair is knotted, please comb the hair with your fingers or wide teeth. When the hair is very soft and smooth, the hair is naturally dry, which will keep your hair silk smooth, wash your hair once a week

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