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The secret to maintaining red hair

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Topic: The secret to maintaining red hair
Posted By: apohair
Subject: The secret to maintaining red hair
Date Posted: July 17 2020 at 4:12am
regardless of being as fiery as a chili pepper of as cool as a glass of burgundy wine, red hair is always prominent. Just with its own shade, red hair expresses an exotic, vivid, and bold appearance. However, because this is a quite complicated hair color, it’s important that you take good care of it. 
Tip 1: Use sulfate-free shampoos

Do you know that sulfates and salts tend to be unkind to hair color? They can strip the hair away too soon. Especially, red hair color is hard to achieve. If you try to use sulfate shampoos, you will regret it. That’s why you should look for salt and sulfate-free shampoos. Also, try to avoid formulas including parabens or artificial colorants. It is clear that the purer the shampoo is, the less it will disturb your hair color.

Tip 2: Use hair masks regularly
It’s good to know that replacing moisture regularly can help you maintain a deep, rich red hair color tone. Depending on your own hair condition, you can try to use a hair mask at least twice a week.

Tip 3: Fix brassy hair if your red hair color is cool
A really useful tip to prevent brassy hair from taking over your cool hair color is to regularly use a blue color-balancing shampoo & conditioner. A brass-busting system is also beneficial for any cool-toned hair color, including shades of blue, cool green and of course, cool brunettes.

Tip 4: Stay out of the sun
Never be subjective with your own red hair If you wear it outside, make sure you can protect it from external factors. You know, UV light is notorious for fading everything. Just look at your patio furniture cushions and you understand. That’s why, if you are going outside, wear a hat for the minimum effects of the UV ray.

Tip 5: Shampoo less frequently

Shampooing hair is good as this will make your red hair as well as your scalp, your natural hair clean. However, it is also the quickest route to premature color fade. This is even more of an issue with red hair color, which features extremely large dye molecules. That’s’ why, rethink your shampoo regimen.

Tip 6: Focus on shine

There is no doubt that almost all hair colors look more vibrant and alive when they are shiny. Remember to condition your hair anytime you shampoo, apply a shine-enhancing treatment hair oil before drying your hair. Use a moisturizing micro-mist that will enhance shine and reduce frizz to refresh your hair throughout the day. 


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