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Debra Jo Sells Her Hair. Would you?

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Topic: Debra Jo Sells Her Hair. Would you?
Posted By: KAREN
Subject: Debra Jo Sells Her Hair. Would you?
Date Posted: January 11 2000 at 9:11pm
OK,It is 2:39 AM and I can't sleep. I could work on the Boutique..OK I will get there in a minute..but I enjoy this board the most so I decided to post about Debra Jo Fondren.Actually I want everyone to know that my post about my thyroid made me feel better just to talk about it and my hair actually seems better the last day or so. I also have more energy (witness my insomnia - :-)OK. So I read this article that Debra Jo Fondren who was a Playboy Playmate of the Year and famous for ankle length thick luxious blonde hair. She is back in the spotlight after some absence and is selling pieces of her hair as official "collectibles". UGH. I am not the one selling my hair but I still felt violated.Jeff has a magazine that interviews her about selling her hair, what she has been doing since she cut off all her hair and of course the appropriate photos of her in various settings.I personally would have a hard time selling my hair. While I am a big believer in heart and similar transplants, my hair feels so much a part of me that I just don't think I could sell it.I read an interview with Portia De Rossi (Ally McBeal TV show) and she is quoted as saying that she cut her hair off after making the movie Sirens and she immediately regretted it. She says that "hair has a certain power I was not aware of".Comments? Thoughts? Would you sell your hair as "collectibles"?While I don't always get around to posting here, I will confess that I lurk more often hear than all the other boards because I love the wonderful debates. After all, this is hair politics. :-)Best wishes,Karen