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Can`t Color Hair Because Of Job

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Topic: Can`t Color Hair Because Of Job
Posted By: eric
Subject: Can`t Color Hair Because Of Job
Date Posted: December 26 2000 at 2:58pm

I am 17 and work at a movie theater. I was recently told that if I continued to tip my hair in green Manic Panic that I would lose my job. That really bummed me out. In fact, my boss told me that any unusual colors were banned.

My brother works at a Chili`s restaurant and he has pink problem.

My question, do you think it is fair to tell me that I can`t have green tipped hair? Isn`t this bad hair politics?

Any advice?


Posted By: DaveDecker
Date Posted: December 26 2000 at 5:23pm
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Hi Eric,

I`m afraid I begin my reply with a bit of bad news. Employers (at least those in the U.S.) have the right to discriminate on the basis of appearance, and such considerations are considered especially relevant when the job in question is one in which there is frequent interaction with the public -- which is probably what you have at the theater. Even though I am a computer geek, I am familiar with such employment discrimination because my hair is very long, and some people don`t want men with very long hair working for them. At least there are companies who are willing to hire me as I am, and so that leads to my suggestion for you. Since you are not the theater manager, you don`t set the rules, so if you want to keep working there you`ll have to comply with the rules -- or find employment at a company that will allow you to tip your hair with green Manic Panic... maybe Chili`s has a job opening that you might like? :-)

Good luck, Eric!


Posted By: Xylotomy
Date Posted: December 26 2000 at 5:45pm
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Well, they`re your employer. They could hand you a Bob Dole mask, pig suit, and wedding gown tomorrow, and tell you it`s your new uniform. Guess what: you`d have to wear it, or you`d be out of a job. And they`re perfectly within their rights to do it (as long as it`s explicit or implicit in your signed employment papers.)

I`m making a ridiculous case because yes, they can do this. Usually they will not be unreasonable because they need workers. In other businesses, not a movie theatre, a lot more people would want casual dress policies than green hair, so guess which one will win?

Point is, any business can present any appearance they want. If your hair isn`t up to code, yep, you`ll lhave to stop what they don`t like, or find a new job. That`s the beauty of a free market economy - it`s your choice. And up until just recently, it`s been a job-seeker`s market (leverage).

Personally, I work in a conservative investment firm, clean shaven, short hair, monkey suit, every day, all required. Hey, I`m not in love with any of it, but if they`re paying me, and the rules are legal and in the employment contracts that everyone signs, then the rules are the rules, even if we perceive them as completely unreasonable.

As for me, I`d probably take the same stand as your boss, if your job involves any customer contact -- no matter how cursory. Tinted green hair would keep away more people than you`d think. I for one don`t care what you do with your head or anything else [well, some things I`ve seen I might chuckle or roll my eyes at at, but that`s mild amusement, not deep offense! :) ]

On the flip side -- there are plenty of other people who, for whatever reason, would be put off from the perspective of a customer.


Posted By: Sarah
Date Posted: December 27 2000 at 3:57am
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So sorry. I heard that some prison guards in I think Ohio were taking legal action as a result of hair codes. I am not sure what happened with that. However, I do know that employers can definitely tell you how to wear your hair since you work for them. I know it sucks but you have my sympathy.

Sarah Brooke

Posted By: Dawn
Date Posted: December 27 2000 at 10:25am
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So Eric, maybe the color green is what is bothering them. Maybe they will let you go with a more subtle color. Have you asked what specific colors they object to?


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