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Kind of sensitive topic

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Topic: Kind of sensitive topic
Posted By: dianefromcanada
Subject: Kind of sensitive topic
Date Posted: October 27 2001 at 6:29pm
I was watching this talk show last month and it really bothered me. It wasn`t the talkshow but what some people go through to please others or their dreams doesn`t match up to reality.
example number one: This woman really wanted her man to grow his hair and he did but his hair went wild and big and now both of them are so frustrated and they are fighting over the topic.
Example number two: This young girl ( I was crying) who has big hair and everyone teases her about it and makes her life miseable wanted to end her life because of her hair.
Sometimes in my humble opinions it is nice to have long hair etc but I wish that everyone would be kinder. There are downfalls to everything. The other night the phoned rang and I told the caller that I couldn`t talk to them because I had this rat nest in my hair and had to get ready for bed so that I am fresh in the morning but this stupid rat nest as I called it really drove me up the wall. after being pesistant I got rid of it but man...........
Some people imagine that long hair can be so perfect but everyone does have their awful days.

I guess my personal point that I am making is that I always dreamed that having long hair was so easy and it would be so perfect. Maybe for some people it is but for some people like myself I tend to get a bit disapointed when I find that my hair tangles because I have mixture of coarse and very fine hair and it mixes. I happen to love motocycles, boats , etc and long hair doesn`t always mix with my passions.I tend to pay for it later on. I always thought that I could have very long hair to my ankles and now I realize that I don`t have the hair texture to have such long hair. Even thought I don`t have big hair I certainly can understand why some people would feel so disapointed at times.


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