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dance under the canapy

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Topic: dance under the canapy
Posted By: dianefromcanada
Subject: dance under the canapy
Date Posted: July 26 2002 at 11:20pm
Once a week us girls go to the central part of the city to listen to a live band. A couple of thousands of people show up and so do professional dancers. Last week it was latina music. So romantic.
Last night it was a band playing old time music and so many people enjoyed it.
Us girls never expect to be ask to dance. We just go there and allow the music to wrap our souls.... Anyways my girlfriends have something over me to tease about.
We were enjoying the music and out of nowhere this male shows up and asked me to dance. Being part of a single club we are mentally trained to a least say yes to one dance lol so off I went without thinking twice about it. Not only he wanted one dance but all of them and then he wanted to know if I would have a cup of coffee with him. ( oh la la ...)
ON the way back to my seat, my girlfriends of course we laughing so hard at me. Two of them that use to have very long hair said"Oh it must be the long hair"lol.
But is it the long hair? lol. I noticed in front of me another long hair woman and sure enough she was also asked to dance first in her group but the gentleman also asked others quickly afterwards that weren`t long hair women. So the mystery continues lol
Is long hair hard to resists? My employer the other day for fun as I was on the phone yank a strand of hair and said"I notice your hair is getting longer).

Thinking of going for dancing lessons. Hopefully Mr. Hair sniffer from my past isn`t part of the lessons. lol


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