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Singed hair help needed/ Conditioners

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Topic: Singed hair help needed/ Conditioners
Posted By: *Annette*
Subject: Singed hair help needed/ Conditioners
Date Posted: January 02 2008 at 8:22am
there are a few sections in my hair that are singed (thats pelling doesnt look right Wink/ mega frizzy I have cut out alot of it but there are parts that if I cut out will look stupid because its in part of my fringe.
I always make sure my hair is dry before I straighten but it keeps happening.
I never used to have this problem until I went to one hairdressers and it happened after he had straightened it and I havent been able to bring it under control.
What can I do to help things? I know ultimately it needs cutting out, but it seems to come back after cutting - if you see what I mean.
Is it just a matter of deep conditioning? if so what would you recommend?
Many thanks!!

Annette xxx

Posted By: JeepGirl
Date Posted: January 02 2008 at 1:00pm
I have this problem myself...mostly from lightening my hair and also from all the heat applied to my bang area.
I use a product from SAlly's called IC serum or I also buy proclaim serum...both products come in the same type of bottle. The IC serum is a green bottle with a picure of an olive branch or something on the front.
Now this stuff is greasy and gooey.....but it will transform dry hair into good hair...just run it through and then use your curling/flat iron to smooth down.
Now I use this product a couple of times a week and always before blow drying....what I use on a day to day and inbetween washings is a product called can get it anywhere that sells ethnic hair products.
It is in a yellow spray can with purple writting. Be careful...its a condtioning sheen so it will add some oil to your hair. I only spray it where I need to cover dry hair. Brush it through and WAWLA!
Use either of these products sparingly until you get a feel for them and how much to use....but they will transform dry/frizzy hair and will give you smooth hair when use with a curling iron/flat iron.


Current install-Bohyme Bodywave #30 and #14 in the straight hair/ they didn't have the #14 in bodywave, so I mixed great!

Posted By: Ms.Honey
Date Posted: January 03 2008 at 11:02am
Try using a protein treatment such as aPHogee's Deep treatment line. Do not apply if your scalp is irritated, it will burn like heck. It stinks too but it works and you usually see immediate results.


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