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High lift blonde dye

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Topic: High lift blonde dye
Posted By: Ally<3
Subject: High lift blonde dye
Date Posted: February 17 2008 at 4:44am
I'm soo frustrated right now. My once champagne blonde hair has turned a brassy orange colour even through fanci-ful rinces and purple conditioners. Also, i've been curling it quite a bit when going out and I only really realized today when i looked closely how fried it is. Ugh.

I figure, there's no way I can bleach it (which is what i really feel like doing to it). It will fall out completely. What I would like to know is - can I put a high lift blonde dye on it to lift it to a almost platinum blonde? How much damage would it cause?

I'm working on the condition but it takes time. I have a huuuuge party early march that I want my hair to look fabulous for. Can I achieve a platinum blonde in that time?

The thing is, I have pale blonde highlights that have been lifted quite a bit. What would happen to them if I were to apply the blonde dye? I also have dark underneath my hair I don't want to lighten.

Also, can anyone recommend a good dye that would be suited to my situation? I have ordered Colour Charm White Minx off Amazon (still hasn't come) to tone my hair, but would this work to lift to platinum? I'm planning on using it with 20 vol developer.

I have no problem going to the hairdressers, but they never lighten it enough, even when i specifically say what i want, and have had to do bleaching at home.

Please help me ladies, I have so much to do and such a short time. I'm truly desperate.  Thanks for reading and thanks in advance. oxox

Posted By: Bambilee
Date Posted: February 17 2008 at 10:37am
I can maybe help... a little. I don't know why thepurple shampoo isn't helping...but try CONDITONER.... it is so much nicer on your hair. And I apply it to dry hair and leave it in for a while till I shower and I only apply it to the brassy parts.
As to lifting your already pretty pale hair... specially the highlighted are. Those parts will get lighter, and or may break if they get tooooo damaged.
I'm a OTC user, but I've had good experience with Loreal's Blondissmes, or whatever it's called. It's a highlift blonde COLOR that actually works to make your hair lighter if you get a light shade. When I was using the ash, I used Extra LIGHT ASH and it made it almost WHITE, until of couse I used it too often and it turned purple. But I'd try that cause your hair is brassy.
And the highlift I don't think will damage your hair anymore. I know color doesn't damage your hair, but maybe cause it's highlift it might... I dunno. I used it all the time for color.
My hair is dakrer underneath too, and the highlift didn't do anythign for it, myabe made it a few shades lighter, but the top was lighter than that so it didn't matter....
good luck ally!
Again I use OTC...I hate when I have somewhere to be and I dye it a few days before. Never do that. You should do it at least a week or more before so the color has time to kinda...settle, or you can re-work it to the way you want.... hahaha...
again good luck!

~* Bambi Lee *~

Posted By: Ally<3
Date Posted: February 17 2008 at 6:32pm
Thanks for the reply bamilee. I have been using the purple condtioner but it only really affected my highlights. Which has led me to think that my hair hasn't been lifted/bleached to a light enough level.

When you used the l'oreal dye, was you're hair already at a pale yellow? My hair's not only brassy, it's frickin orange, do you think the dye will turn my hair yellow? That's a big concern I have. I definitely want to try the Light Ash Blonde, but as you say it didn't affect the darker bits of your hair.

Oh and I know, I want to get this fixed now so I don't have to stress closer to the day. :) Thanks again. <3


Posted By: Bambilee
Date Posted: February 17 2008 at 9:06pm
No if you use the extra light ash it will lighten and tone... my hair wasn't orange afterwards. Before the Ash color, in some areas it was brassy cause of being bleach blonde... you know.
 I bleach my roots (black hair hey!) and then I used to apply the Loreal color all over or mostly near the roots to tone.  So I only bleached my roots and the rest was from previous bleachings. I'd try to not apply it to my already processed ends too much after I started using it though, cause I think it will turn it purple. ANd use the EXTRALIGHT ASH, and the Loreal special blonde stuff only carrries that shade....
it makes it almost white, or near white. :P
I hope everything works out for ya. I hate having sucky hair (though most no-one will notice it but you) when  you go somewhere. I so have to do my roots, but I gotta wait a while... ROCK ON!

~* Bambi Lee *~

Posted By: Ally<3
Date Posted: February 18 2008 at 2:33am
ooo okay I think I'm going try this.

I wonder if it would be better to bleach all my dark hair and apply it all over.

I'm a bit scared my hair's too damaged to do this, though. I hope not, it's mainly really the ends that are bad, and i'm due for a hair cut anyway. I'm also a bit scared about what it will do to my highlights.

Thanks so much for the help Bambilee. Smile

ps - if anyone has any thing else to add I'd love to hear it.


Posted By: Ally<3
Date Posted: February 18 2008 at 2:38am
Is this what you use Bambilee? L'Oreal Blondissimes, Extra Light Ash Blonde LB01


Posted By: Ally<3
Date Posted: February 18 2008 at 2:55am
I don't think I can get it in Australia, I've never seen it around and it's not on assie ebay. Does anyone know where I can buy it online? Amazon takes 2 years to ship here. Angry


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