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How do you get a nice bright blonde color???

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Topic: How do you get a nice bright blonde color???
Posted By: PinkPop
Subject: How do you get a nice bright blonde color???
Date Posted: August 21 2008 at 9:13pm
First, I'm new here, so hello everyone!!  Smile
My hair is naturally dark brown and I've been getting my hair highlighted professionally for almost two years. All the way to the point where pretty much my whole head was blonde, at which point I got a few lowlights (about 20% of my hair) to break it up. (Yes, I know that re-highlighting lowlights is really hard but I need a bit of dark to not look sick.)
That said, I ALWAYS ask the hairstylist for the whitest blonde they can get, with no brassiness/yellow. However, I have not gotten there yet. I may have a few white blonde strands in there but the rest is still a bit golden. After a couple weeks, I'm back to brass city, despite using purple shampoo/condition (from Joico) every other time I wash my hair to try to keep the brassiness at bay. I have now been to at least 3-4 different stylist and colorist (one even a Master Colorist who really massacred my color a year or so ago).
Is it possible that some hair type/color just won't get any blonder no matter what, no matter how long you try? I always get my hair done professionally and I end up with messes more often than not, or at least disappointed of having paid so much money and still not have achieved the bright white blonde I see in magazines everywhere.
Is there a purple toner I can use at home in between salon visits that is not going to make the colorist's job harder?
Help!  I'm about to give it all up and just go back to the dark side...  Cry

Posted By: Susan W
Date Posted: August 22 2008 at 7:18am
That's the problem with toner.  It fades.  Its not a big problem for blondes who look good in yellow, but for people who don't it makes blonde hard to keep.  If you could tell them to instead of using toner, use a dye with a violet base as the last step on just the highlighted parts, after they've lightened it, it wouldn't fade.  They can use a blonde dye that is the same color as your highlights come out, or a lighter one since you like white, with a violet base to counter that yellow.  I warn you that dyeing after whatever they used (probably bleach) to lighten your hair may be more damaging, they will probably tell you that, but they don't necessarily need to use a very high volume of developer, or leave it on longer than 25 min. They could always test strand it on you to see both shade and damage level for you to decide.  

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Posted By: PinkPop
Date Posted: August 22 2008 at 8:16am
The second to last time, I got it bleached and toned but it was still yellow. I went back to a different salon the next day where the hairstlyist put on a dye with a violet base (not a toner). I came out with some bluish/purply strands and some grey strands. It was not yellow but it was not a nice bright blonde either. After two washes, it was all gone, back to yellow. I think I'm a lost cause...   Unhappy

Posted By: karen s
Date Posted: August 22 2008 at 2:26pm
I think your hair is just to porous to except anything for long, years of using bleach, to lift the low lites continually doesn't help. and the violet based tint has just grabbed on to your porous hair and then just slide right off again.

karen sanderson

Posted By: PinkPop
Date Posted: August 22 2008 at 11:45pm

^ That may explain it! The last stylist I saw actually said that my hair was very porous. And to make matters worst, she put in twice as much lowlights this time (she misunderstood what I wanted so now I'm really several steps back). So at this point, what is the best way to go? Should I just give up as this yellow is just not looking good. Would a dark blonde cover yellow?

I really wish hairstylists would warn me of possible consequences when I ask for something!

Posted By: karen s
Date Posted: August 23 2008 at 1:52pm
I would just advise using violet toning shampoo, as you have been doing, but go for a good one. I recommend to clients to use Schwarzkopf silver shampoo, its violet based and usually last longer on blonde hair, but unfortunately as your hair is probably really porous, you will probs have to use it often. Another product to use a good conditioner with protein, to help build up the Keratin in the hairs structure. 

karen sanderson

Posted By: Sophia1
Date Posted: August 23 2008 at 8:42pm

 PinkPop-  I totally understand your frustration. Have been bleaching my dark hair for years and I had the same problem you do- no matter what I did I still had that ugly yellowish undertone that would not go away successfully for very long.  Toners would just watch out. Here is my advice;

Strong problems require strong solutions at times. I got so tired of using Purple shampoos and toners, etc. that did not work very well. I went to Sally's and bought Manic Panic semi-permanent deposit-only color in 'Purple Passion' It costs about $ 6.00. No harsh chemicals or developers in this one.

Manic Panic is known for their strongly pigmented fashion colors.
It's a strong, goopy purple color...very strong. I mix a about a tablespoon into my conditioner and let it keep it on my hair for about 30 minutes.  And viola- I have perfect light blond ( no brassiness whatsoever ) color. 
*Now I know this will probably get panned by the experts *and I admit it took a couple of attempts to get it the right shade of color/conditioner combination. I aim for a light lavender color before you plop it on your head.  But trust me, even if you overdo it the first time it will wash out w/ some strong shampoo. And I have very porous hair, too. I get away with using it about twice a week.  But with really porous hair, you can only manage the yellow, not get rid of it completely in one step.  You are correct; some people just have a harder time than others managing unwanted warmth when hair is lightened. 
Oh, and this one bottle has lasted me over 6 months now. Pretty darn cheap too :-)
IMHO, enduring a little experimenting is WORTH it in the long run.  I've  never had to use another toner.
I got sorta fed up with the 'master colorists' and decided to try and mix the perfect toner myself- and it WORKED.  Sometimes creativity  can be a good thing....From The World of Practical Experience !!

Posted By: PinkPop
Date Posted: August 24 2008 at 12:04am
Actually, I've been toying with the idea of using Manic Panic Virgin Snow (white toner) in between salon visits to try to get/keep the blonde nice and bright....
I also have a purple toner bought online from Australia. You put a few drops in a liter of water. It definitely tones down the yellow but it's VERY hard to apply. So I usually end up with some yellow still showing and some strands really purplish grey.
On a side note, I am treating my hair to some protein masks (about once every 3-4x I wash my hair), moisture treatments and healing/heat protection leave-in conditioner (from brands like Matthew James, L'Anza, Joico and Kerastase).

Posted By: Slipknothartgir
Date Posted: August 24 2008 at 12:42pm
If i were u, I'd go back dark.U r doin gway too much to your hair.It might fall out if u keep on.I'm just being honest.I'd get a semiperament color.Natural Instincts is good.I'd get a light brown.

Posted By: PinkPop
Date Posted: August 24 2008 at 1:27pm
Nah, not really worried about my hair falling off. I have very thick, coarse hair and believe it or not, they are not as damaged as you'd think, very dry, yes, porous, yes, but no split ends. I only get my hair bleached every second month and even then, not always all my hair, sometimes just the roots for maintenance (and it's highlights, not all over). And then I treat them really well with different treatments in between.
The purple stuff I use at home does not damage my hair.
I do consider going back dark occasionally and have done so a couple times way back when (which just made it harder to go back to blonde). However I know it would just means six months later I'll want my blonde hair again and then i would have to start all over again, with MUCH more difficulty. I would consider a darker blonde that may be easier to achieve but not going back to dark (especially not using pharmacy stuff - I get my hair done professionally only).

Posted By: Sophia1
Date Posted: August 24 2008 at 8:59pm
Yes, I have heard of Virgin Snow is an excellent product.  Others have told me it worked really well.  Unfortunately the store was out of them and that's what made me reach for the Purpple Passion semi-per color as a quick fix.  I was about to try the Virgin Snow first, had it been
So hey go ahead and try the virgin snow. That might do everything you need !   Please let us know how it all came outBig%20smile

Posted By: PinkPop
Date Posted: August 25 2008 at 2:32pm

If I use Manic Panic Virgin Snow in between salon visits, am I going to make it harder for the colorist to do my highlights (bleach/toner)? In other words, am I going to create problems or will it just wash out by the time I go back to the salon?

Posted By: r4ch3l
Date Posted: August 26 2008 at 8:54am
If you go for that route, Manic Panic isn't a great brand, if you want a toner like that, go for Special Effects. It's a bit more expensive but lasts longer. I've not used either personally, but I've heard the virgin snow isn't much compared to the SFX toner.

doubt truth to be a liar.

Posted By: karen s
Date Posted: August 26 2008 at 9:01am
Different products work different depending on how course your hair is and how porous it is. One person might love one product and rave about it and someone might not have good results with it, and rate it very low. Its trial and error I'm afraid.

karen sanderson

Posted By: beachgerl
Date Posted: August 26 2008 at 9:16pm
Like you, I have thick and coarse very dark hair. I've highlighted it for several years at salon and then I did my own color afterward. I always preferred doing it myself because for some reason I always end up with good color and people kept asking me how I did it. I told them I did it and they told me that I should become a hairdresser! I've gone dark numerous of times and always successfully went blonde on my own many times over the years. But since you are looking for a white blond, then that is really difficult to achieve. I only achieved it once using bleach and 40vol developer and didn't feel comfortable with all of the attention. I'm just happy with my pale beige blonde color. Since your hair is porous, I suggest you to stick with either toners or gentle permanent dyes. I swear by Wella Color Charm liquid creme line. They have some great toners, including the one for white blonde hair. I liked their ash based Princess Blonde. These toners won't turn your hair purply or grey. The colors always come out as the swatches you see in the store. Other one to try is Clairol Creme Toner in Towhead, my another favorite, it always come out a beautiful shade of pale ash blonde on really yellow hair. Wait a few months before making another attempt to go white blonde at salon or ask someone with experience to do it for you. Keep up your root touch ups and conditioning treatments. I always liked Bedhead Reconstructor, Paul Mitchell's Hair Repair and Supercharged Moisturizer. I also use L'oreal Mega Therapy leave in creme or Tresemmes anti-sponge lotion to keep my hair soft and glossy.

Posted By: PinkPop
Date Posted: August 27 2008 at 7:50pm
I just went in for a consultation with another hairstylist/colorist. He said he could put in an ashy white blonde toner all over my hair (as opposed to the violet toner that was used last time), that it would make the blonde parts slightly whiter and somewhat tone down the yellowy/brassy highlights. Is this going to help and/or do anything?

Posted By: karen s
Date Posted: August 28 2008 at 9:43am
May do pinkpop, but its whether it will last, is really your dilemma, as your hair is porous.

karen sanderson

Posted By: PinkPop
Date Posted: August 28 2008 at 10:21pm
I got it done and he used the lightest ashy toner he has (10a). The example strand looked like a nice bright baby blonde...but my hair looks somehow darker than before with slightly less yellow...  Not that noticeable, really. Well, if I don't like it, the good news is that it'll probably wash out the first or second time I was my hair! Tongue
Can a toner damage hair? If feels like it's dryer or something although the hairstylist assured me the toner would not do anything to damage my hair...

Posted By: Sophia1
Date Posted: August 30 2008 at 12:32pm
Hi PinkPop, to answer your previous question, no the toner I suggested (Manic Panic ) will NOT damage your hair. It is pure color, nothing damaging.
And no it should not make it difficult for any future highlighting, coloring, bleaching, etc. That's one major reason I have continued using it. Yes it does eventually wash out, but not quickly, and I have very porous hair also.
Someone else suggested Special FX, I am not familiar with that line but anything is worth a try. Some brands DO work better  than others for some people.
I feel you are looking for a sorta 'quick fix' to a permanent problem. Let me tell you, I can feel your frustration. But yellow like this will always come through the undertones in your hair. As I mentioned, I truly feel you can only manage it, not erase it completely.  I know, pretty depressing.  But all I can say is the Purple passion has worked great for me, and no it has not hurt my hair AT ALL. 
I made the mistake of going to several colorists. They all did the same thing- put in various ashy toners.  Guess what ?? By the
2nd shampoo they were completely gone.  That's why I feel you have to experiment on your own sometimes to see what really works.. YOU know your hair better than anyone. Time to try something new....try a few different toners on your own, or tweak them a little.  Good luck 

Posted By: PinkPop
Date Posted: August 31 2008 at 9:38am
So I ordered Manic Panic Virgin Snow (I could not find the one you mentioned Purple Passion this time around so I figured I'd give this Virgin Snow a try).
So this will possibly be my last attempt at dealing with this whole yellowing blonde thing. If that doesn't work out, drastic changes may be in my future (dark ash brown with vivid purple? soft black with greyish/white?).  Tongue

Posted By: fakeizme
Date Posted: September 03 2008 at 12:03pm
Pink: I really hope you get what you want. Blonde can be so tricky!
There's a few things I want to add to the great advice you've gotten here. You mentioned your hair is dark and coarse. That's a huge reason why your hair is harder to lighten to pale blonde. I have Level 1 hair naturally, but my hair lightens very easy because it is fine and curly. This doesn't mean to can't be pale blonde though. I think you should take a close look at your hair when it's bleached. Does it look yellow after the hairdresser's original bleaching, before toner? If it's yellow or golden, then it can be bleached further and probably should. Some people need to be bleached twice to get to the Level they want (just not white!). Many colourists are afraid to do that because bleach can be harsh. Then they try to cover the yellow/gold with violet, which works initially, then fades out quickly.
Basically, I think your hair needs to be bleached again. It needs to be watched very closely so that it doesn't lighten too much. THEN a violet toner can be placed over it.
Also, take into consideration that after hair is bleached, a weird thing happens. Some pigment returns to the cuticle and can make it look yellow. This happens with very dark hair. This is also why you need to maintain your blonde EVERY wash with a purple/violet shampoo/conditioner. My hair never goes yellow because I'm constantly apply a light violet conditioner to it.
Hey, it takes work to be pale blonde, but it's fun!Smile

Love clip-ins and tape!

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