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any info about benzocaine for waxing??

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Topic: any info about benzocaine for waxing??
Posted By: caramel
Subject: any info about benzocaine for waxing??
Date Posted: April 02 2006 at 9:22pm

i just came across this numbing product whose active ingredient is "Benzocaine 20%"

is this really enough to numb the pain of waxing in tender areas? i wax my legs and epilate my arms, so i'm used to the slight stinging, but i can never EVER overcome the horrendous pain of waxing underarms or "down-there"... anyone know if this 20% is strong enough to lessen that pain to a simple sting?

i did some research and found that electrolysis people use this concentration to numb their skin before treatment, but i couldn't find any testemonials on how effective the numbing products are.


thanks in advance

Posted By: caramel
Date Posted: April 02 2006 at 9:56pm
and another question: would a product containing 4% lidocaine be more effective, or one containing 20% benzocaine be more effective?



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