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best red hair color for fair skin/blue eyes?

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Topic: best red hair color for fair skin/blue eyes?
Posted By: Unregistered Guest
Subject: best red hair color for fair skin/blue eyes?
Date Posted: February 07 2005 at 2:58pm
I wanted to say thank you (whoever you are) that responded the last time I posted. I am now deciding that I'm going to go red! I'm getting this done Tuesday morning.

I have pretty fair skin...I look best with silver/white gold jewelry, and look better in white than beige. I think I have more of a pinkish undertone than olive, but it's not much, I'm just fair skinned....I also tan, but burn a little in the sun. Oh and I have blue eyes. Which red color would look best? I'm thinking the red Lindsay Lohan has since she is also fair and blue eyed would be best. Thanks in advance for any advice. :)

Posted By: elliejay
Date Posted: February 07 2005 at 6:00pm
You have similar coloring to me, methinks. And though I've never done red before, I've noticed on some other people:

You have a cool complexion, and cool eyes. If you must go quite warm in your hair, then so be it-- but it's almost guaranteed you will look good in cooler-colored hair. Just because you want red doesn't mean it can't be cool, though! I'd suggest to stay away from anything at all orangey. Orange-reds would be a bit harder to pull off with pinkish skin and blue eyes. I suggest a red red, auburn red, or anything slightly darker.

But this is just a suggestion, and it's been proven many times that people can pull off the weirdest things. so if orange red is what you had in mind, go for it. You can always tone it down afterwards if need be.

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Posted By: leia1979
Date Posted: February 08 2005 at 9:59pm
Elliejay is right. With a cool skin tone, you're better off with a cool red. Remember that the color you're starting with affects your final result, too. If you buy your color from the beauty supply store, you'll get a better idea of the base tone (because the bottle will say so). Look for a red with a red-violet base for a cooler color, and stay away from orange-based reds (unless you want that).


Posted By: Kuroneko
Date Posted: February 09 2005 at 4:51am
If your skin is very pink, auburns would probably be best, as burgundy or red-red would probably make your face look pinker. But if the pinkiness of your face isn't too intense, or doesn't bother you, anything outside the orangey range should work.

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