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Straight hair vs. curly hair (extensions)

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Topic: Straight hair vs. curly hair (extensions)
Posted By: pinkparadise42
Subject: Straight hair vs. curly hair (extensions)
Date Posted: March 27 2006 at 1:13pm

Hey everyone!

Just a quick question!

I am getting ready to do my next install where I will use shrink*** and be pretipping my own hair.  I have done this before but have only ever used straight human hair.  For this time around I purchased hair with an italian wave to it as I like to have my hair curled slightly.

I have very thin hair naturally.  When I have done my past installs I never get a full 200 strands installed.  I would say closer to 150, give or take a little.

I guess my main question here is do you think I may actually need a little less this time around being as I am using curlier hair which has 2 to 3 times the volume of the straight hair that I generally use?

I have purchased 4 oz. of wefted hair that I will pretip.  I am hoping that will be enough!

Posted By: sarytyr
Date Posted: March 27 2006 at 1:26pm

In general, you will need less hair when using hair with a wave or curl texture.  What length are the extensions?  I have found that even hair with just some body wave to it covers better.  The most strands I was ever able to get on my head was 170 (with shrinkies and microrings)...and that was really packing them on!  I haven't done a strand install for awhile but I am wearing less than 4 oz. of body wave hair that has a fine, soft texture and very little wave with protac tape and the extension hair is really thick, but then I don't wear the hair longer than 14" or so.

It's always great to have more hair than you need, but depending on the length of the hair, 4 oz. should be enough.


Posted By: pinkparadise42
Date Posted: March 27 2006 at 1:29pm

Hey thanks!
Yeah I was thinking that this hair should be enough since it is wavy and I am used to the straight hair.

My natural hair is very thin so I have to watch how much I cram into it, lol!

The hair is 18 inches that I bought but it looks more like 14 inches.  I guess they meant that it is 18 inches if straightened because it certainly isn't more then 15 inches curled!!

I should be posting pics when I get it done!!


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