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Last Bohyme + LG install w/ pictures!

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Topic: Last Bohyme + LG install w/ pictures!
Posted By: frenchie1
Subject: Last Bohyme + LG install w/ pictures!
Date Posted: August 28 2007 at 8:13am

Hi everyone !Smile
My last install took me another six hours, I was just so tired of it. But happy though! …

I am wearing still 4 oz of Bohyme silky straight, I still love this hair, I know how to take of it and the price tag works for me!...

3 oz are a month and a half old and about 1 oz (the side/front pieces) are 5 and a half month old. I noticed that the main inconvenient with Bohyme weft after 4 months or so is not so much the texture, I can still make it look fantastic, but the fact that the wefts are thining. It’s all normal I guess and would probably happen with any kinds of wefts.

My secret to keep this hair look nice is to condition every time I shampoo (which is every single day) and to flat iron the hair after blow drying with my Solia iron.

I still use the thermal cream from L’oreal on damp hair, and I have just bough a new hair drier that I absolutely love, it is a Solia too (when you trust a manufacturer you want to stick to it!), with tourmaline. I bought it on folica and I thought the price was good too. Anyway, this hair drier does make a real difference, it makes my hair smoother and I feel like I don’t need to spend that much time with my straightening iron afterwards.Embarrassed

The removal takes me 1h15 usually, I use Acetone and Goo Gone. I mostly use acetone when I want to take out the wefts, and almost only Goo Gone when I want to clean my own hair of the Liquid Gold residus.

Then it takes me an hour to clean the wefts and another 50 mn to blowdry all that stuff. How weird, when I blowdry everyday it takes me like 15 mn. I guess when you’re drying wefts “away from your hair” you just dry them more thoroughly and you spend more time because you really dry the weft part, not just the hair.

I had one really really bad surprise though after removal. I noticed a bald spot at the temple area, where I had a double wefts. It is a small bald spot, about half and inch by half and inch, but enough to totally scare, believe. When I saw this I felt sickCry. I know that the double weft that was located in this area was kind of pulling my hair, I think I put too much LG, especially during touch-ups, and the other bad thing is that I develop nasty scalp problems, with whichever extensions method I use. I decided that I would use simple wefts, use less LG and stop scratching my hair!... Confused

I hope it will get better at my next take-down, I like to be optimistic!...

After seeing Sherrie’s demo on how to layer her extensions, I thought I would explain my only way… well I don’t do “real” layering per say, because my own hair is much much shorter than my 22’ extensions, I place my wefts super high, as close as I can to the part area. It looks so much more natural. Bellow is a picture to show you how high I place my top weft. I use my “invisible weft” technique, with a very small piece of tape under the weft and some LG on top, it is almost invisible. I trim last row or last 2 rows of extensions (the lowest rows), the last 5 inches let’s say, with scissors, so it’s doesn’t look like it’s cut straight. The other rows are shorter so they already look trimmed.

Oh, and one good news to finish: my natural hair is getting healthier –well, other than the bald spot!- it makes me so happy, so good about myself. It’s not great yet, but I am less ashamed!

I just bought a new hair spray, from Sebastian, supposed to protect hair from humidity. Well it seems to work very well! I get this problem when the weather is very humid, my own hair tends to get wavy/curly and sticks out, and if it’s really humid, the extensions get puffy. This spray seems to take care of both these issues, but it might be too soon to say. So if you guys have some good products to recommend to fight humidity, let me know! All right, I am done now!Wink

My natural hair:

This is how high I put my top weft:

Posted By: Ms.Honey
Date Posted: August 28 2007 at 1:18pm
Hey Hon.  Beautiful install as usual. Have you tried sealing your wefts to help prevent thinning? The GOO GONE, is that better than acetone? Why do you use both?


Posted By: DanaCO
Date Posted: August 28 2007 at 4:23pm
It looks awesome, Frenchie.  You have totally inspired me to do Bohyme weft install.

Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: August 28 2007 at 8:05pm

Ms Honey, yep, I usually seal my wefts before install, I just think gradual thining is normal though...

I noticed that pure acetone is great when it comes to taking the wefts off of my head, so I mostly use acetone during this process. However Goo Gone is amazing to remove any Liquid Gold residus from my own hair. Goo Gone just seems to makes the LG residus softer, I use a lot of it, wait a few minutes and comb with a thin comb, and all the little pieces of LG comes out easy. I noticed also that Goo Gone help at detangling my own hair, because it has such an oily texture probably.
These two products just seem to work differently, they are both efficient, but work differently. Acetone is stronger but it evaporates, so it's good for quick moves, when Goo Gone takes a few minutes to dissolve the LG, and it is more efficient to remove very tiny pieces of LG on your hair.
Danaco, I am so happy I can inspire someone! Good luck!Embarrassed

Posted By: Ms.Honey
Date Posted: August 28 2007 at 9:46pm
Thanks Frenchie.


Posted By: Cali-Kristin
Date Posted: August 29 2007 at 1:50am
WOW. I looked at the first couple pix and thought to myself, "I bet she has naturally long hair already because I can't see where your natural hair is. Wow, I got to the bottom before pics and was like, WOW!
My trained eye couldn't even see where they stopped and started - Great job girl!
p.s. It looks like you have a little strawberry blonde in there, what color is that? If you wrote it above I must have missed it.

------------- -

Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: August 30 2007 at 7:22am
Thanks Kristin! I wear a mix of Bohyme 14B (a medium wheat blonde that looks so natural) and a little bit of 16 (light golden blonde).

Posted By: PinkHappy
Date Posted: August 31 2007 at 10:00pm
So shiny and smooth! I think I might try doing wefts and LG for my next install.  You did such a great job. I'm inspired. :+)

About the acetone. I went to the beauty supply to get pure acetone. They had a bottle of 100% pure acetone nail remover. ...Is that the right one? Or is there a special kind of acetone that's not for removing acrylic nails and such?

Posted By: Ms.Honey
Date Posted: August 31 2007 at 10:05pm
yes, that's it. I would get the clear remover not a colored one. CVS sells a really great one, Onyx 100% Professional Pure Acetone Remover and a generic brand that's just as good.


Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: September 01 2007 at 8:52am

Pink Happy, thank you very much! Don't forget to use/invest in a good straightening iron if you want to have shiny hair!...

And yes, CVS acetone is good and cheap. But you need the Goo Gone for removal, this stuff is really helpful, trust me!

Posted By: Karen Shelton
Date Posted: September 02 2007 at 2:09pm
WOW.  Thank you for sharing the photos.  They are gorgeous.  You did an amazing job.  I agree, I could not see where your real hair ends and your new hair begins.  I appreciate all the step by step notes.

That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger or drives you totally insane. :-)

Posted By: Carol328
Date Posted: September 03 2007 at 11:39pm
Wow Frenchie, it looks gorgeous!!  You did such a great job with it too!Thumbs%20Up
 Also, I love the Sebastian hair spray!  It's about the only thing that helps my hair in this high humidity! 

Posted By: babygirl720
Date Posted: September 04 2007 at 2:40pm
How long do they stay in. I use rubber-based glue, I have yet to ordered LG online yet so I was j/w how long it holds compared to proclaim.

Posted By: malibu
Date Posted: September 04 2007 at 3:58pm
Hey Frenchie, your hair is looking much more healthy (before picture). I remember the last time you posted a before picture. Your hair has grown. Keep your eye on that bald spot. I'm sure the hair will grow back but perhaps you can do single wefts in the front?


Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: September 06 2007 at 8:06am
Thank you very much. Carol, I had no idea that the Sebastian anti humidity spray was one of the best, lucky me!Tongue

Posted By: stormchaser
Date Posted: September 06 2007 at 8:53am
Frenchie, I love your hair!!!!!!!!!! My hair is just like yours without the extensions. It's amazing it is like looking at the back of my head. I usually put in a body texture of some kind in mine. I may just try the silky straight again!
BTW on your top weft you just use the tape on the side next to the scalp? or is it folded over?

Posted By: TanglesRC
Date Posted: September 06 2007 at 10:05am
beautiful job- would love to see the front

Bringing beauty, one head at a time...

Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: September 06 2007 at 9:27pm
Stormchaser, thank you very much! If you have the same texture than me, I would recommend silky straight and a good straightening iron to help blending!
Tangles, I would like to know how to use photoshop one of these days, so I can put a little something on my face...I don't feel comfortable showing my face sorry!...but I understand that seing an install from the front is very interesting too!Embarrassed

Posted By: cat_goddess
Date Posted: September 07 2007 at 6:39pm
OMG Frenchie! An amazing job as usual! It looks so natural and gorgeous.

Posted By: Divavocals
Date Posted: September 07 2007 at 8:46pm
Originally posted by frenchie1 frenchie1 wrote:

Stormchaser, thank you very much! If you have the same texture than me, I would recommend silky straight and a good straightening iron to help blending!
Tangles, I would like to know how to use photoshop one of these days, so I can put a little something on my face...I don't feel comfortable showing my face sorry!...but I understand that seing an install from the front is very interesting too!Embarrassed
Frenchie my guess is that your face is as gorgeous as your installs.. So come on girl.. You're amongst friends.. Give us ONE face shot and we will NEVER ask again!Tongue

Check out the 5th So Cal offline luncheon?? For more info:

Links to my fav vendors & hair albums + Weave 101 information:

Posted By: nicole1971
Date Posted: September 10 2007 at 7:32pm
I love your hair!
I have a couple of questions.
I saw on another thread where you mentioned the place where you bought your hair and now I cannot find it. Please give me the name and your colors. Our hair without extensions looks so similar, so I am hoping with your tutoring, I can get good results..
I do not know how you get the back layer to be so blended. My hair is about your length, but it shows, and doesn't look too bad, just kind of layered. I would love, however, to have the straight silky look that you have. It is fabulous. This weekend, I added another row at the top of my crown like it shows in your picture, but it shows. I applied mine on the seam with LG. I am not sure I understand your invisible technique. Would it be too much trouble to give me a link to any other install pics?
I have only bought Sassy hair from Sallys, so I do not know good from bad, actually. It does get tangled. My hair is naturally thin and fine and the texture of the Sallys remi hair is course.
Thank you so much!

Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: September 11 2007 at 7:04am
Hi Nicole!
Thank you very much!Smile
Here is a link for my "invisible weft" demo: -
THe hair I use is Bohyme Silky Straight in the colors 16 and 14B, I mostly use 14B though, especially at the back. I put more color 16 on the front, but it's all mixed. These two colors are usually a little too golden for me, but after like 10 days of wearing them, they lose this golden tone, and blends better with my hair and match my skin tone better.
I use handtied wefts only, they are much thinner than machine wefts and you can still cut them as you wish, only use a drop of crazy glue on the ends, after cutting.
The "silky" look is all about styling. Bohyme hair doesn't need much of it the first 4 weeks though. I use my Solia iron which is great and I recommend you get an good iron if you like straight hair. Plus a couple of products like heat protectant, silicone serums etc.
A good hair dryer (tourmaline) is good too, look on
In order to get a better blending you need to balance the volume of hair you put in, you have to place the top weft very high and you can add another weft under the top weft, so that there is volume on top.
My invisible technique is basically a narrow piece of tape stuck on one side of the weft (the one that is going to go on your scalp) and a layer of LG of the top part of the weft, that is going to be covered by a layer of your own hair. That's why the weft doens't show.
If you want to see other install pics, you can just use the "search" button on the top right corner, and search through old posts, it's easy.
I hope I was helpful!

Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: September 11 2007 at 7:08am
Oh and for the places I get my hair from, here is a little list: -  (my favourite, best $$, good color choice, free shipping) - (not such a good choice of color but good $$ too and free shipping also) - (Sherrie allows you to "mix and match" different color, so you pay the price for 4 oz but you can pick several colors instead of just one)

Posted By: nicole1971
Date Posted: September 11 2007 at 12:04pm
I checked out the hairsisters site and they did not have the colors you mentioned listed.
Were there different numbers that you ordered?
I looked under the handtied silky straight. The only blonde was 613 and a strawberry color.

Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: September 11 2007 at 12:48pm
Hey Nicole,
I use Bohyme in 22 inches long
Here's a link: -

Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: September 11 2007 at 12:49pm
you have to click on the length first to see all the available colors

Posted By: nicole1971
Date Posted: September 14 2007 at 5:34am
Thanks for your help this week.
I ordered my hair a couple of days ago from sisters and LG and tape from this site. Both are on the way.
If you can stand a couple more questions, I would appreciate it!
How do you seal a weft?
The only way I could get the color I want was by ordering the 22 inch hair. I do not wear my hair that long but don't want to throw away the rest if it is salvagable. Any ideas?

Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: September 14 2007 at 4:25pm
I use a weft sealer bought on hairextensions101 or Aleene's stop fraying.
If you mean sealing the ends of the wefts, after cuting them (handtied wefts) then a few drops of crazy glue is enough.
I don't see how you can keep the extra length of hair you would cut, but most importantly, I don't know what you would do with it Ermm

Posted By: hollandbluejay
Date Posted: September 17 2007 at 11:41am
Wow! your hair looks great! How long does the install last and can you pull your hair back in a ponytail and not get any weft bumps showing?

Posted By: frenchie1
Date Posted: September 18 2007 at 7:13am
Thanks! I can totally wear a ponytail (I wear one every night and when I exercise), only a low ponytail, not a high one.
There is no weft showing, since my wefts are covered with a layer of my hair stuck to the LG bond, on top of the wefts.
I don't have bumps either, I do only a single weft for the top row and it is handtied, so no bumps!Wink
Oh and the install lasts about 5 weeks usually. It could stay in longer, but I like to have neat installs!

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