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Julie Gonzalo

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Topic: Julie Gonzalo
Posted By: HAWG
Subject: Julie Gonzalo
Date Posted: February 18 2008 at 3:03pm

Young actress who now has a part on the new show "Eli Stone" on ABC.  She plays a young associate lawyer and looks the part with her bob haircut that is very cute

Here's some previous looks
Here's a link to her IMDB page -


Posted By: texdillo
Date Posted: February 18 2008 at 3:41pm
I really like the brunette color (and the cut). I'm a sucker for dark hair and blue or green eyes.

Posted By: fatmoogas
Date Posted: February 18 2008 at 4:17pm
The first photo is easily the best.

Posted By: HAWG
Date Posted: February 18 2008 at 6:07pm
It actually has looked much better on the show; it's on Thursdays after "Lost" on ABC.


Posted By: lovebobs
Date Posted: February 21 2008 at 4:41pm
since seeing her in dodgeball i have looked her up at least once a month to check out her hair and i always wanted to see her bobbed, i am not sure how this slipped past me  but i must say i am VERY happy to see her bobbed she is now (if possible) even cuter..........

Long with BLUNT bangs or ALL cut to lip length, I cant decide my favorite!

Posted By: trekgod
Date Posted: February 23 2008 at 5:14pm
She looks so bland to me with this new cut in my opinion. She also looks to me much more aged than she really is (which is not a good thing in my opinion). She can always go back to being more glamerous and sexy with the longer locks, but my opinion she was either forced or had to cut it to get more mature roles for now.

Posted By: Karen Shelton
Date Posted: March 07 2014 at 8:18am
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Posted By: Ginny Skinny
Date Posted: March 07 2014 at 6:32pm
Vastly prefer the bob/brunette look. She looks like an the role of a lawyer would call for.

Posted By: Rayman
Date Posted: March 08 2014 at 4:25am
Some recent pictures of her:

Posted By: Bob S
Date Posted: March 08 2014 at 9:54am
It's amazing what an extra half foot (or more) of wavy locks can do for a woman, Rayman. Big%20smile

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