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African American Hair

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Anyone use Organic shampoo..?
aries_mami05 October 08 2005 3:16pm
Anyone with relaxed hair that wear curls?
blackhoney112 December 29 2005 10:46am
anybody ever texturize their hair
cmesweet March 30 2005 1:06pm
Anybody from HT?
_Princess_ December 01 2008 1:28pm
Anybody has had success with twist?
Vanity3 April 02 2006 9:48pm
Anybody tried John Frieda Ripple Effects?
blackhoney112 October 27 2006 2:54pm
Anyone ever used Exotic Allure?
tp1 February 22 2005 1:51pm
Anyone Have Instructions For A Straw Set?
Unregistered Guest March 08 2003 8:50pm
Anyone in the mix with MN and/or Neo?
suicides_eve February 23 2009 7:55am
Anyone Know about the Revostyler
diversiti May 21 2007 9:33am
Anyone taking MSM
ThAbAdDeStBaBy January 30 2007 2:22am
Anyone trying to grow their hair out???
Tee7688 May 02 2005 8:32pm
chanelle#5 May 18 2006 8:31am
Anyone uses "bioInfusium Olive oil condish shampoo
Gldspoon November 18 2008 9:34am
Anyone uses Nugro hair growth shampoo and condish?
LaraMasterson August 23 2011 4:24pm
Renee April 23 2005 11:43am
Aphogee 2 min Keratin reconstructor
Vanity3 July 06 2006 9:39pm
Aphogee Keratin Reconstructor
Product Junkie7 August 13 2003 10:11pm
aphogee smell?
BrownEyez2 August 18 2005 5:29pm
Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hair
Kim J February 21 2005 10:49pm
Aphogee users...
blackhoney112 February 10 2006 11:36am
APL Challenge 2008
moonglowdiva December 09 2007 6:34pm
Apoghee ingredients changed; any alternatives?
blackhoney112 March 01 2007 10:48am
Applying A Relaxer
cmesweet February 11 2006 6:33pm
A-Quina hair regrowth treatment
Unregistered Guest June 16 2001 3:14pm
Arbre de Vie Shea Hair & Scalp Pommade
deexox March 09 2006 2:14pm
Are there Surge users here??
Porsche19 December 24 2004 8:26pm
Are these the right vitimins for my hair growth
sugaplum October 25 2005 3:17pm
Are you going to change your hair style
Honeydoo March 23 2005 5:20pm
arrrrg frizzies
PickledGeuse February 27 2006 10:15pm
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