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Teen Hair & Hairstyles

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Having tailed hairstyle
extaria October 19 2015 7:47am
Man bun undercut hairstyle problem
Darksoulmaster June 26 2015 4:30am
As a boy; should I get highlights in my hair?
DeterminedWolf May 01 2015 4:43pm
Should She Cut It?
Smaxwell October 02 2014 11:34am
Totally open to completely change my hair. Ideas?
Smaxwell September 15 2014 1:26am
My hair is so boring, what can I do?
CynthiaMoore August 18 2014 1:04am
How to style my hair like this
CynthiaMoore August 18 2014 12:58am
Please help me find a cute summer hairstyle?
CynthiaMoore August 18 2014 12:54am
How to style my hair
CynthiaMoore August 18 2014 12:47am
What hairstyle should I get (Male)?
loveshorthair August 07 2014 1:53pm
What shape is my face?
sweetdeexo April 09 2014 10:33am
How to get this kind of Quiff?
voodoo91 December 07 2013 6:33pm
DoctoredLocks December 04 2013 1:40pm
How do I do my hair like this?
loveshorthair November 17 2013 10:59am
I want this haircut? (PIC) HOW?
bugmenot September 23 2013 3:00pm
what number/how long are the sides?
EmreYOrhan September 23 2013 12:38pm
help wanted - bad bad pixie cut
loveshorthair August 22 2013 10:29pm
I want this hair
Karen Shelton August 21 2013 9:20am
What To Do With My Hair (male)
ravzanrat August 21 2013 7:47am
Want to cut off my butt long hair? Extreme change?
Ricc July 28 2013 11:57am
Celebrity Hairstyle
RachelS July 17 2013 11:13pm
The Best Hair Colors
fddj65tg1 July 03 2013 6:35am
Do I look better in long or short hair?
Ricc June 16 2013 1:05pm
I need hair advice - long frizzy and thick
loveshorthair June 13 2013 7:40pm
Lace Wigs
LaceWigsStore June 10 2013 2:55am
How do I get my hair like this? HELP PLEASE
mikev6 April 23 2013 1:07pm
Friend needs a new style
cameraman92 April 09 2013 11:47pm
Please help me find a new hairstyle.
loveshorthair March 25 2013 4:40pm
Trying to find a style for my face type
Will256 February 28 2013 9:51am
How to achieve extreme wet look hair?
laughin-man February 20 2013 5:27am
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